Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February: At Home at Last

After 3 nights in the hospital we were ready to break out of Hoag hospital, and following a peaceful car ride home we were finally home! We were lucky enough to have both sets of parents visit & Travis' sister Missy come down, and when I say we were lucky- we were really lucky and thankful for all the help, couldn't have done it all while running a clean household without them!  Now that we have been settled for a little over two weeks now, here are a few of my favorite pics thus far of our precious little baby!

Leaving the hospital with Mom

First night at home!

Meeting the dog...and vice versa

My perfect baby boy : )

Haha ; )

In the co-sleeper

Whole fam with both boys asleep

Naked baby!

Snoozing in Chevron, totally on-brand.

On our first outing to JW's 2-week appt!

His 2-week appt outfit....ok yes it was a little big ha

Single and ready to mingle

Steel blue baby eyes...I want them to stay!!

My little sleep sheep

Both babies asleep on me

Finally asleep after 6 hours of fussing...being a baby is exhausting!


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