Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jackson William Olson- A Birth Story


Friday, Feb. 15th, 5am: Wake up feeling like crap.....was that a contraction?  And another 20 minutes later?  Lots of googling and texting to my mommy friends ensues.

Friday, Noon:  How do I know if this is real or false labor?  Contractions still 20 minutes apart...if that's what I'm feeling.  More googling.  Travis tells me his Mom isn't taking any chances false labor or not and she catches the next flight to Orange County.

Friday, 5pm:  Holy $#@*.......when my doctor said I wouldn't be able to talk through a contraction he wasn't joking....10 minutes apart now.

Friday, 11pm: We call our doctor when my contractions (now obviously REAL labor!!) are finally 5-6 minutes apart, and he tells us to "step on it" to the hospital- all hell breaks loose at the Olson household as we squeal out of the driveway while our parents are left trying to wrangle the dog and without proper directions to the hospital- sorry about that guys!

Saturday, Feb 16th, 8am: Now 27 hours into labor and sleeping lightly in the labor room with Travis and our parents (taking some of the most comfortable naps I've had since being pregnant, thank you Mr. Epidural), the labor nurse tells me I'm 9 centimeters dilated and she expects Baby O to arrive by 11am, hooray!

Saturday, Noon: One hour past the nurse's prediction, my doctor phones me to tell me that in fact, I've been stuck at 9 centimeters for 4 hours and labor has in fact not progressed, so we have no other choice than move to a c-section....I completely broke down and started sobbing b/c I know my doctor hates c-sections and avoids them at all costs if he has to, but he tells me I'll be fine and there isn't another option....and we're off to the OR five minutes later.

Newport Beach Harbor View from hospital room!


Saturday, 1pm:  So I'm envision this freaking OR room with the doctors asking for scalpels and that creepy heart beat monitor going beep......beep.....beep in the background and big harsh lights that make you feel like you just woke up in a grow house: so far from that.  I may have been hallucinating at this point but Lil' Wayne was blasting as I was wheeled in the operating room, and there was about 15 people in scrubs just casually talking about golf and their plans for the night?!  I'm prepped for surgery, Travis comes rushing in looking like a super hot Grey's Anatomy surgeon, and my doctor quickly says, "You will have a baby in less than 5 minutes"- uhhhhh that sounds great to me after 33 hours!  I was then asked if I want a mirror (which I declined, eww....but then gave in when everyone said they'll just show me at the very end when the baby comes out- ok... fine.) and right when he came out- without a doubt the most....quiet...and surreal everything-flashes-before-your-eyes moment in my entire life- and all I see is a huge baby with full head of dark hair.....yep that's definitely our baby!  And Shakira took it home with "Hips Don't Lie"...sort of ironic.

**Jackson William Olson was born at 1:45pm, weighing in at 8 pounds 12 ounces, 20 inches long**

Jackson's first picture

20 inches long!

Happy Mommy & Daddy!

Daddy vs. Baby O....mini TAO!

And finally resting peacefully in our recovery room.....welcome Jackson!!!!


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