Saturday, March 30, 2013

March: 5 Weeks Old!

This week Jackson is 5 weeks old and YES we saw his very first smiles!!!   Although I'm constantly encouraging more of them, he seems super confused when I keep putting my iPhone in his face to capture any of them!  The smiling started about 3 days ago, and usually happens in the mornings after he's changed and fed, and I'm lucky to click a pic of him when he does!  

Age: 5 Weeks
Weight: 9 pounds 13 ounces (at the pediatrician this week)
Likes: Walks in his bassinet w/the "White Noise" pandora station on, drinking milk, staring at the chocolate wall in my family room, and listening to his Dad read him books...and the BINK.
Dislikes: Being swaddled or confined in any way, and when the car stops at red lights or the cart at Target stops moving so Mom can check out- major meltdown.  MUST ALWAYS BE MOVING.
Mommy Likes & Dislikes: I love having a newborn, I love holding him, feeding him, waking up in the middle of the night with him....he makes me want another.  Haha!!  And the people that yield to me in parking lots and hold doors open for my stroller- bless you.  Dislike- a screaming hungry baby in the backseat while I'm alone stuck in a traffic jam on the 91, already late for an appt but decide to get off at a truck stop to feed him and having a cop that pulls up and tells me to lock my doors...I wish I made this part up.  And small grocery carts.
Sleeps: YES, I have to admit...although I said I'd never be "that" parent...this little man has somehow wormed his way into our bed at night in between Travis & I - and to all the other mother's out there that were duped into this....whatever keeps you sane and baby asleep until 7am!!
Changes in Mood:  A little fussier this week because since he has decided to eat more frequently I'm clearly not able to prepare his bottle in the appropriate timing- however the smiles I get in the morning are priceless!!
Eating: 3&1/2 ounces every 2- 2&1/2 hours....more frequent since his alleged "growth spurt" began this week
Clothes: 0-3 Month-ers, and he loves to sleep in footed pajamas (who doesn't..?)
Looking forward to:  More frequent smiling and the day I get my bed back!  Well kinda. ; )

Mrs. O

March: 28 Days of Baby

28 Days of Baby!  Maybe a little mamarazzi-crazy, but I somehow managed even high on painkillers in the hospital to capture each day until little Jackson was exactly a month old!  Time really does fly....

Mrs. O

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Olson First Month Faves

Olson First Month Faves

I've always loved the fellow Moms who've posted something similar after their experience with a newborn, so I decided to make my own 1-month necessities collage as well just in case there are more first-time mommies-2-be (and even current mommies) that could use some hints!

Clockwise from top:
The Sleep Sheep: A white noise machine that has 4 sounds, a timer, and a volume control, and can literally go anywhere with you and be velcro'd to anything.  Even comes in a mini-version to attach to your carseat if you wanted- white noise is a MUST with newborns, helps them fall asleep, but not fall into too "deep" of a sleep which some argue can cause SIDS- scary stuff- and reasonably priced for peace of mind!
Munchkin Sterilizer:  We use this for everything- pump parts, pacifiers that the dog licked, bottles, chew toys- and it takes 6 minutes to steam & sterilize- much faster than any dishwasher, especially if you're exclusively pumping this is heaven to have.  Again reasonably priced for the convenience factor alone!
Footed pajamas:  I was able to snatch this particular one up from OldNavy, but any will do- Target has some cute ones for $7.99 as well- Jackson sleeps SO much better at night when he's all snuggly in one of these guys- button up or zip, whatever makes it easier!
Soothie Pacifier- I did manage to sneak out of the hospital with not one but TWO of these gems, and Jackson has never looked back.  Although we waited about two weeks to give one to him, he loves to fall asleep just about anywhere if he has one.
Halo Sleepsack:  Pottery Barn sells some amazing ones with the softest fabric, but I'm a linens/fabric wh*re so if you're not totally bougeious here just stick to the Babies R Us ones.  Makes the baby feel like are in the womb again and calms them down fast- Jackson lasted about two weeks in these before he refused to ever be confined again but they were a lifesaver for a fresh baby.  Buy at least 2!
Pottery Barn Stroller Blankets:  Again...the fabric just can't be beat for the price you're paying here. Rivals the minky blankets! The stroller blankets can be found on sale from time to time, and they are seriously the perfect size for naps, the carseat, swaddling- WHATEVER!  I own at least 4 now I think, in neutral colors just in case we have a girl sometime down the road.
Medela Lanolin:  Numbing cream for those sensitive areas when it comes to breastfeeding & pumping. You need this, trust me.  Buy it now.
Orbit G2 Stroller Travel System:  This was my Mommy-splurge.  Not only does it kick butt compared to all the plastic-y carseats I kept seeing while registering, the stroller base has multiple things it can have snapped in & out of it- a carseat, toddler seat, bassinet, skateboard attachment, a 2nd-kid stroller's seriously amazing.  The kicker here to outshine the rival Bugaboo?  This stroller is 14 pounds total, closes with one hand and has a 360 degree turning radius so baby can face anyway while strapped in, makes lunch time at Nordstrom cafe just a little easier!

Mrs. O

March: Jackson's Sip & See!

Jackson had his first party this weekend- his Sip & See!  Of course yet another reason (any reason) for me to plan a themed party, I couldn't help but fall in love with the Milkaholic theme I saw on Pinterest, and with the help of Amber and her amazing Etsy shop, we had a fun & mellow afternoon with close friends to officially welcome JW to the world:

Jackson clearly dressed the part as well, love this onesie I found on Etsy!!

I was initially intimidated to make these drinks (thank you Michelle for taste testing!), but they couldn't have been easier....

Quick & Easy Coconut Vanilla Bellini Recipe:
3 parts Prosecco
1 part Pina Colada mixer
Few drops of Vanilla
Sugared rim

And....he's out!  Good night everyone!

Mrs. O

Monday, March 25, 2013

March: 1 Month Old & SPDay!

Jackson is officially one month old celebrating his first holiday this weekend!!  He has gained a little over a pound since we left the hospital, and loves being held (duh), swaying side to side, and being read to in the evening.  My Mom also left after a month, having her here was AMAZING and such an incredible help, I don't know how other girls do it alone!  I have also finally recovered from the c-section where I can comfortably get in & out of bed and sleep at night without any residual pain, yay!  Yet of course I say that I'd do a C-section all over with my next- thinking one more at this point and I'll be good!  JW also was able to celebrate his first official holiday- St. Patty's Day!  

Our little Irish baby! 

One month old!

With Mommy on the couch

My little Lucky Charm (with Daddy)

Month/Week: Jackson is 1 Month old!
JWO Total Weight Gain: 9 lbs 13 ounces
Feeling:  Pretty good, although I still can't fathom that this is OUR baby...!!
Missing: being able to climb into bed and completely relax while watching the Bachelor uninterrupted and drift off to I catch up on my smut TV while he naps during the day!
Cravings:  I am SO relieved not to crave sugar every waking I'm craving a Blue Moon, ha!
Anything making you quesy:  Baby blow outs and then him sticking his heels in it and kicking everywhere...yeah that's a massive clean up
I'm Loving: when I'm rocking him on his side at night to soothe him to sleep and one little hand always comes up and rests on my's like the one tiny little sign he can give me at this age that he actually appreciates something I'm doing!
Happy or Moody: SO happy!
Gender:  Baby Boy
Symptoms: Thankfully the majority of my postpartum issues have dissipated...but I'm still surprised when I realize I haven't peed in hours!
Sleep: Haha...well of course there are "those" nights, but in general he's been an amazing sleeper so far- at 2 weeks his longest stretch was 6 hours without waking up!  I'm also trying my best to sleep when he does...which is in our bed with some serious white noise!
Wedding Ring On Still?:  It feels like I'm engaged all over again, I missed wearing my rings really bad!!
Looking forward to: the day he starts smiling, I want this stage to come more than anything! : )

Mrs. O

Friday, March 15, 2013

March: Jackson Loves Daddy

The books say a newborn will recognize it's mother's voice upon being born, and his/her father's voice in approximately 14 days...let's just say JW has been obsessed with Travis from the beginning!  When Jack was still in the womb, he would start moving the minute Travis came home from work- and now he can be dead asleep and become fully awake the minute Travis steps through the door!  I've never seen a newborn take a liking so much to someone other than his mother, you would almost swear he only heard Travis' voice for 9 months seeing the way he responds to him!  Here is a little collection of pictures of my husband and the baby that loves his dearly :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February: At Home at Last

After 3 nights in the hospital we were ready to break out of Hoag hospital, and following a peaceful car ride home we were finally home! We were lucky enough to have both sets of parents visit & Travis' sister Missy come down, and when I say we were lucky- we were really lucky and thankful for all the help, couldn't have done it all while running a clean household without them!  Now that we have been settled for a little over two weeks now, here are a few of my favorite pics thus far of our precious little baby!

Leaving the hospital with Mom

First night at home!

Meeting the dog...and vice versa

My perfect baby boy : )

Haha ; )

In the co-sleeper

Whole fam with both boys asleep

Naked baby!

Snoozing in Chevron, totally on-brand.

On our first outing to JW's 2-week appt!

His 2-week appt outfit....ok yes it was a little big ha

Single and ready to mingle

Steel blue baby eyes...I want them to stay!!

My little sleep sheep

Both babies asleep on me

Finally asleep after 6 hours of fussing...being a baby is exhausting!



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