Tuesday, January 29, 2013

37 Weeks: January...3 weeks to go!

First week of pre-baby leave.....combined with a mini-heat wave followed by a 5-day rain storm has been anything but boring!  I've been doing a bunch of errands that I've saved up for this time and found all my afternoon programming to entertain myself.  Today at the doctor I learned that I haven't gained any weight, but he wasn't concerned- and surprise, I was guilted into getting the flu shot!!  I know, I know, it's highly recommended and Travis was there to pinch me in my other arm which actually ended up hurting worse.....but now we are good!  We also had our rug, side table, and crib sheets deliver this week so I can finally get the nursery "Pinterest" ready to take the final reveal photo if I can find the energy to look pretty for you all!  This weekend we are attending a friend's Baby Gender Reveal bbq to see if Baby O's new friend coming in July will be a future playmate or future girlfriend; we are excited to get the results!

Month/Week: 8 Months, 1 Week
Total Weight Gain: 27 lbs
Feeling: like I could easily lay in bed all day if I wanted to without getting restless- I haven't done this yet though haha, don't worry!  My house is staying very clean these days!
Missing: I honestly can't say that I'm really missing anything, I'm happy to be pregnant and happy at the same time to almost not be pregnant so I can hold my little one : )
Cravings: Frozen blueberries, fresh strawberries, & hot mint tea non-stop
I'm Loving: that I'm actually looking forward to labor- isn't that insane?  I just know that means that I will meet him so soon!
Happy or Moody: Happy, we are getting so close
Gender: Sweet baby boy
Symptoms: I can feel EVERYTHING- hiccups, thumb sucking, feet rubbing together....
Sleep: Probably 6-7 hours now total, although I have time during the day now to nap if I need it
Wedding Ring On Still?: I'm not even that swollen...I think my ring is shrinking.
Looking forward to: making some serious progress on the nursery and knowing I have everything I could possibly need and more for little Baby O when he arrives!

This weeks pics:

Rice Krispie Treats...whatever baby wants, baby gets

Hunter getting his Zzz's in before Baby O arrives

My hot tea binge begins at 5:30am and goes until bedtime!

Some more super cute presents for Baby O have arrived!  He is one loved baby : )!!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

36 Weeks: January & 8 Months!

36 weeks means only 4 weeks left!  We went to a tea luncheon in Orange this past weekend for a good friend, and Baby O's favorite part was the French Vanilla Lemonade- it was amazing!  We also had our follow up appointment with the doctor to discuss last week's ultrasound- his exact words were "you carry small, however the baby is measuring in the 90th percentile in size".....LOL!  So as I suspected, he is huge in there!  No predictions on what that means for a due date however, so stay tuned.....Last week of work this week, and I can finally say that I'm glad I took advantage of the CA disability that grants me some time off before the baby comes!  Last day on Friday was bittersweet, everyone I work with makes it so hard to leave but easy to come back to in 3 months : )  Saturday we are doing a little celebrating of our own out on the coast with friends out for dinner too, can't wait!

Month/Week: 8 Months!
Total Weight Gain: Still 27 lbs., measuring at 35 weeks
Feeling: like I can't fathom that I won't be pregnant for much longer, I feel like this has gone so fast!  
Missing: my work friends while I'm on maternity leave at home
Cravings: Honey Ginseng tea & more french vanilla lemonade!
I'm Loving: the heat wave we are having this week, makes maternity leave a little sweeter!
Happy or Moody: Happy
Gender: Boy
Symptoms:  Feet. In. Ribs. And lots of indigestion! 
Sleep:  Thank you Boppy for manufacturing and selling the "sleep wedge"- this little cheese-wedge-shaped pillow (to go under your stomach while side-sleeping) is saving my life these days!
Wedding Ring On Still?: Ok so the wedding ring has always been a size big due to the fact it's an antique that can't be altered in size due to the infinity band, so it fits still....my engagement ring is not so lucky these days!!
Looking forward to: our combined "soft" 30th birthday dinner this Saturday night out in Newport Beach!!

The "soft" 30th birthday dinner night out at 333:

Lynnae's Bday Tea Luncheon pics!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

35 Weeks: January & Maternity Photoshoot!!

With only 1 1/2 weeks left to go until my maternity leave, my "at-home-to-do" list is getting bigger & bigger!  Speaking of size, at our 8-month checkup this week, the doctor mentioned that although we've gained 2 pounds since our last visit 2 weeks ago, my stomach is still measuring the same aka "borderline small"- we got an ultrasound the very next day to get to the bottom of it: only to find out Baby O is measuring closer to a 38 WEEK BABY!  The ultrasound tech mentioned that he is positioned in an upside-down L shape with his feet lodged right up near my ribs- that explains that rib pain I'm feeling often!  She also told us that he looks to be about 6 lbs. 14oz, which would mean at birth he could be 8-9lbs......and that we could expect him as early as 38 weeks = Feb 2nd!  Looks like my to-do list is now my short list.....

Month/Week: 7 Months, 4 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 27 lbs
Feeling: all of my emotions are finally heightened I believe- we received our stroller with a defective handle this week and I almost broke down crying in the kitchen!
Missing: of course I'm missing my wine and being able to throw a pair of socks on without swearing or taking 15 minutes to do so, but I'm truly content right now with my situation, I still love being pregnant!
Cravings:  New 2013 bikinis.....does that count?
I'm Loving: my incredibly supportive husband (he fixed the stroller situation w/o me asking) and the sneak peek maternity photos from last week with Chela, they look unbelievable!  See below : )
Happy or Moody: Happy, then Moody, then Happy again? 95% Happy!
Gender: Boy
Symptoms: Overall stomach discomfort- I'm a 35-week pregnant girl w/a 38-week sized baby in her!
Sleep: Baby O is such a great sleeper; now if only his Mother could figure out how to sleep through the night
Wedding Ring On Still?: Ok so if I put on lotion prior to my rings....then I'm good to go
Looking forward to: Our Baby Care Basics class this weekend at Hoag, finishing up the nursery details....and my new stroller handle ; )

Sneak peek from the maternity shoot, shot at our house in Anaheim Hills:

And a quick look at our Week 35 ultrasound, check out those cheeks!!



Thursday, January 10, 2013

34 Weeks: January

Had a lot fun this week!  Travis and I celebrated NYE with a dinner out and late movie night, although we didn't make it until 12am, technically it was already 2013 in New York, right??  Then it was back to work for a short week, and on Friday I had my work baby shower which was so great and relaxing with a great turn out!  The weather was perfect for eating lunch on the patio with the best work friends I could imagine working with, I’m extremely lucky to work with such a close-knit group of people.  This weekend we have our maternity photo shoot with one of Lynnae’s best friends, I've been cleaning the house and printing out posing ideas on Pinterest in anticipation!!

Month/Week: 7 Months, 3 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 22+ lbs
Feeling: Pregnant!!  I told Travis that I’m finally feeling like I’d imagine a pregnant girl would feel? : )
Missing: Sangria, thanks Mom for sending me a pic of yours haha!
Cravings: Fruit! I can easily get through a small crate of blackberries & blueberries in one sitting
I'm Loving: that our new dark wood co-sleeper finally arrived, this baby will be snoozing in style his first few months….baby or not my house must match! ; )
Happy or Moody: Happy
Gender: Boy
Symptoms:  Braxton Hicks and overall stomach tightness
Sleep: He knows when I wake up now in the middle of the night….and thinks it’s time to party.  Press Snooze Baby O!!
Wedding Ring On Still?: Yes, but my engagement ring is tight!
Looking forward to: My maternity photo shoot with Chela Williams this weekend at our house, I’ve been planning our outfits for weeks!!

Travis' new favorite baby outfit from Aunt Missy:

Now he's ready to work with Dad on the Jeep!  Ok maybe in a few years ; )


Friday, January 4, 2013

33 Weeks: And a Happy New Year!

Now that Christmas Day has come and gone, we dropped off my parents this week at the airport and then picked up Travis' family who is visiting the rest of the week!  Major plans this week to work on the nursery and some aesthetic home improvements while I have my FIL and BIL here, and so far things look AMAZING- I can't believe how much was completed in such a short time, we are very fortunate! ; )  I had my 7.5 month checkup also this week and I'm measuring a little smaller than 33 weeks at 32 inches, but I swear this baby is outgrowing it's current living quarters...or will be a future NFL kicker.

Your baby's the size of a durian!
He weighs about 4.2 to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. And he may grow up to a full inch this week -- amazing.

Month/Week: 7 Months, 33 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 22 lbs
Feeling: Pretty good for 7.5 months! I haven't really identified with the other girls I know that seem miserable and months behind me....
Missing: Asti Spumante nights with my wicked stepmother & my hot tub
Cravings: French toast and rice krispie treats!  Thanks Missy for cooking this week : )
Anything making you queasy: All the gross things my SIL's husband can come up with to eat that is super weird
I'm Loving: the Guiliana & Bill episodes on E! right now featuring their newborn boy- I'm actually learning tips from the show and might have teared up when he got his first bath.....
Happy or Moody:  Happy, we are getting so close!
Gender: Boy
Symptoms:  Rib pain and Braxton Hicks
Sleep: Actually getting a little easier now my stomach is bigger and I don't have to sleep on top of a pillow!
Wedding Ring On Still?:  I had to shove it on this morning haha
Looking forward to: seeing the nursery finally complete, I'm so excited to have everything ready for little Baby O!

So here are some pictures from over the weekend, final nursery pics to come soon!

Nursery before.....boring white room primarily used as "inside storage"

One of many Home Depot trips and the batten & board going up!

The before, during, and finished custom closet for Baby O!

Some recessed can lighting added throughout the 2nd floor to better illuminate the hallways so we can see at night to actually get into the nursery without falling down the stairs!

So excited to get the last finishing touches (rug, side table, bedding, table lamp) and complete the little guy's room!  We are ready whenever you are, Baby O : )



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