Sunday, April 28, 2013

End of April: 9 Weeks Old

I'm LOVING this age....and of course I'm sure every parent says that at all new ages but things seem to be evolving SO fast- on the exact DAY of his 9-week bday, he laughed at Travis!  I've only managed to get a partial laugh out of him since.... and began having "conversations" with Travis and I- mostly copying us but these little convos on the changing table can last 5 minutes (which is a lot when you're dealing with a newborn with the attention span of....a newborn?)!  My husband told me to start giving him a rattle more...which I videoed to prove to him that I did "work" with him with his grasp...and every day he's been getting better and better at it : )  The weather also continues to be impeccable, I'm talking 70-85 degrees ever since the little guy was born, which makes afternoon stroller rides in the neighborhood enjoyable for Mom & Dad too!

My happy boy : )

 Always kicking, kicking, kicking...and slowly finding his way to his mouth

The new "monitor" hooked up to the Ipad/Iphone.....

Our first date night out!  We missed the baby!

 What I woke up to Sunday morning at sweet baby and Starbucks from my husband!

On Sunday we traveled out to where it all began....Temecula, CA to Longshadow Ranch & Winery where we were married two years ago!  It was 83 degrees out and while Momma did a little wine tasting (did I mention I feel 21 again??), Dad walked JW around the vineyard: 

After the winery we stopped at a nearby duck park to walk, feed, change....

Age: 9 Weeks
Weight: 12 lbs!
New "Thing": Smiling on command and having baby conversations
Favorite Words: Ah- goo & Ah-gee (I swear he knows Hi and Bye too)
Favorite Activities: His new kick coaster slider (pic above) and swinging- YES he finally likes it!
Signature Moves:  Both feet up in the air when he wakes up in the morning
Likes: his new fish tank in his crib (although he wakes up halfway through naps now just to watch it), smiling with Mom & Dad, stroller walks
Dislikes: the car stopping at red lights.  Or in traffic.  Stupid construction.
Mommy Likes & Dislikes: When he wakes up in the morning and smiles at me- it melts my heart!  Dislikes the dog barking and scaring the S out of both of us during a nap....only JW will scream bloody murder when startled, FUN!
Sleeps: Milestone last night....9 1/2 weeks old: 9pm-5:30am!!!  He initially woke up at 4:45 and I binked him and he snoozed until Travis got up for work, but he hasn't slept past 3:30am yet so I was a proud Mommy....still in the co-sleeper and taking *most* naps in his crib
Changes in Mood: always in a better mood if he's had a long nap...and if the car is moving.  
Eating:  Anywhere from 4-7 ounces 5x a day
Clothes: 3 Mos, mostly L/S onesies with the high 60's
Looking forward to:  laughing a lot more, b/c he looks like he wants to now but nothing comes out!  Also holding his head up...I'll have a free hand when I'm carrying him!

Mrs. O

Friday, April 19, 2013

Jackson's Newborn Photoshoot

Jackson was only three weeks old when we invited our friend & photographer Summer over for an afternoon newborn photo shoot!  Summer got some amazing shots of little JW, including my favorite directly below:

 After he accepted wearing the adorable bear hat:

 LOVE baby toes!!!

With Glam-ma 

 Nestled in between Mommy & Daddy...

His headshot

Even Hunter got in on the photo shoot (such a ham)

And a little "before and after" is the before:
And after.... : )

Mrs. O

Monday, April 15, 2013

April: 2 Months Old!

I can't really say "it seems like yesterday" that he was just an 8 pound 12 ounce baby swaddled in a hospital blanket....because it really does feel like ages ago that I had him- it IS true that you forget all the labor and recovery nightmares so quickly and time literally moves so fast when you look back.  Jackson is officially 2 months old, and so much has changed, every week we are blessed with a new "action" of his- this past week it was sleeping up to SEVEN hours in a row at night!

Age: 8 Weeks
Weight: 10 lbs+   (I need a scale I guess.)
New "Thing": Stretching!  It gets a little ridiculous in the mornings, he'll stretch his arms over his head over 20 times!  
Likes: Ok NOW we LIKE being all times.  Whatever baby wants, baby gets.  Bathtime is also becoming more soothing as he gets used to it, he kicks at the water splashing all over Dad ; ) 
Dislikes: His hair being dried off after the bath.
Mommy Likes & Dislikes: All the smiles I get in the morning!  Plus he's in his best mood after a good night's sleep, probably my favorite part of the day with him : ) Dislikes:  Neighbors cutting down trees with chainsaws during nap time...and short naps.
Sleeps: We are officially moved into his co-sleeper for nighttime and cribs for naps!  The "whale" sounds on the Sleep Sheep are also the current fave, therefore I've ordered another sheep- this one is mini-sized for traveling!
Changes in Mood:  Now that we've established a better nap schedule he's so much more pleasant when Travis comes home from work, although we are still experiencing a little bit of the "witching hour" before bathtime/bedtime....
Eating:  He is up to 5 ounces now every 3 hours, and 6 ounces before bath time!
Clothes: Footed pajamas for nighttime are a must, otherwise we are now in 3 month clothes although they are still slightly roomy, I guess JW is one of the only babies that actually fits in the clothes for his age that I've heard of!
Looking forward to:  Grabbing his feet with his hands and laughing!  Although I have no idea exactly when to expect this but I know it's on the horizon!

....this past month in pictures.....
This week he can't seem to get enough of stretching as he wakes up in the morning, putting his arms WAY up over his head as high as possible (and doing this over 20 times, we are morning people in this family but it does take a few minutes to get adjusted to the morning light):

                    Football shot....gotta start them young.                            Bassinet time in the neighborhood

 Lunch at Taco Rosa with Auntie Christina!!

Both Olson boys passed out cold

 Favorite morning activity....the mobile.  Simple things in life.  Let's hope it stays that way : )

Lunch at the Spectrum....he was overdue for a nap here LOL

Napping in his steps!

Mrs. O


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