Thursday, July 17, 2014

It was a Fab day for a White Wedding!

Jack's wedding weekend/vacay in Central Oregon was such a success!  We traveled three hours to Eaglecrest Resort, where we met family to soak up the sun, explore new things, and of course attend Jack's first wedding of Blake & Sam Tubbs on a gorgeous farm!  The sky was SO blue and the venue was picture perfect : )

We had some time to really enjoy the amenities such as the splash pool, and of course looking (and petting) the nearby horses and eating ice cream next to a huge water fountain:

Jack had the BEST time probably in the resort hotel itself: this little night owl partied until 10pm the first night, running up & down the hallways, throwing pillows around the room!  He also managed to make it to 10pm again the following night dancing on the dance floor at the wedding- we can't wait to take Jackson on another mini-family getaway this summer : )

And finally passed out from all his hard vacation play.....

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

5 Months Prego & a Name Reveal!

I recently asked Jackson if he wanted a baby (after noticing his recent infatuation with little babies)- to which he nodded his head and said "Yeah" LOL!  Good thing because we've got less than 4 months go to with this little princess!

We've known for sometime now what name we would give to our first girl...and although I'm still trying convince Travis of giving her TWO middle names....we've decided to name her:
**baby elle **
I've already been calling her "Ellie" for a nickname, and we have always loved this name for a girl since we decided to have kids : ) We are beyond excited to have one of each!

Month/Week: 5 Months/24 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 10 lbs (at this point with Jack I had gained 15lbs!)
Feeling: like I want this 2nd trimester to last forever!  Energy levels are better, no nausea, and I still have most of my mobility to keep up with Jack during the day
Missing: white wine during the summer.....
Cravings: I was seriously craving a Tootsie Roll yesterday, I know- weird.  Mainly this time around I've been craving watermelon like crazy!!
Anything making you queasy: Not at all
I'm Loving: that Jack points to my belly and says "Baby!"
Happy or Moody: Happy but so much easier to have a meltdown than last time
Gender: Little Girl!! :)
Symptoms: I like to say a "sore uterus" lol, at the end of a busy day I swear my stomach feels 100 lbs on it's own...
Sleep: The getting-up-to-pee thing is starting.  And little Baby Elle likes to party well after I've laid down for the night
Wedding Rings On Still?:  Yep!
Looking forward to: spending as much one-on-one time with my little man Jackson before ensuing chaos on our weekly routine!  I'm really cherishing every moment I'm having with him this one summer we have just him & I : )

Thursday, July 10, 2014

16 Months & 5 Months!!

So the months seem to be flying by now, which may be a good thing being pregnant a second time around?  16 months old  marks my 5 Month mark, and secretly I'm hoping I can ride this "best trimester" wave well into the 3rd trimester like last time (fingers tightly crossed)......we've been having AMAZING weather so far in Oregon, supposedly the driest month ever on record?  Which saves my life constantly being able to take Jack on morning walks up & down our hill or to the playground next to our new house : ) For Father's Day we tried the zoo for the first time with my Dad & Travis- the weather was pretty drizzly so hardly any people which was nice, but the animals were either asleep or so far away Jack seemed to lose interest fast and missed nap time which was extra fun later that we'll try again maybe next year ; )  

Age: 16 Months
Weight/Size: 23 lbs confirmed!  50% in weight, 75% height, 95% head size :D
Favorite Words: Da! (for truck), Da-da!!, Ma-ma!!, Dee-Dee, Yeah!, Bubbles, Boo!, Tea!
Favorite Activities:  Going on morning walks outside with Mom, pushing his wheelbarrow around the upstairs, playing tug-of-war with Hunter, going to any park, climbing up anything that's made for a 2+ year old and scaring the crap out of me
Signature Moves: Besides his bouncing at the knees dance, he's picked up a new dance move of holding his hands in fists and waving his arms from side to side
Likes"Putting on his lifejacket" at the river, running around completely naked, counting toes & fingers, his carseat in Momma's car (really???), going to Grandma's house, any animals he can see up close
Dislikes: Getting his diaper changed, splinters from the bark dust or putting on clothes
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  He started giving HUGS.....and anything bad he's done that day is completely erased from my memory.  I wonder how long it'll take him to figure that out....  Dislikes: Getting splinters out of baby feet and picking up Cheerios that he throws to feed "Dee-dee"...ugggghhh
Sleeps: 8pm bedtime, 7am wake, naps 12-2 now!!
Changes in Mood/Behavior: I swear he can understand basic English, because I can ask him almost anything now and he'll nod "yes" or "no"?  I'm cautious to say he's beginning to pick up "terrible two" habits, but a little more frustrated and less easy to distract these days?
Eating: Sippy cup of milk 3x/day (7am, 12ish, 5pm), loves all fruit and broccoli, and I swear he'd just drink milk all the time if we let him for every meal...
Clothes: Barely still squeezing him into his 12-18mo regular Gap play clothes...but obviously I have an entire 18-24 mos drawer ready!
Looking forward to:  Our family trip to Sisters, Oregon at Eaglecrest Resort for Uncle Blake's wedding at the end of the month!  It'll be Jack's first wedding, and first vacation where he can actually walk around/explore/play so we are really excited! 

....this past month in pictures....



Sunday, July 6, 2014

4 Months and it's A.....!!

Fresh off the plane from Vegas and to our gender reveal ultrasound appointment this week!  We decided to not find out the gender in the actual appt, but instead we had our ultrasound tech circle a "pink" or "blue" sticker signifying what we are expecting this Fall!  We later opened the sealed envelope that night at dinner with my parents, and we were shocked- happily shocked!  We are adding a little girl to our growing family!! : )

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Babymoon: Destination Vegas!!

So after it's (kind of) sunk in that we'll have two little ones under 2 by Halloween, Travis and I decided to shelf all our home moving in worries and parental duties and take a mini-vacay aka "babymoon" to Green Valley, NV for the weekend! Only 10 minutes off the strip, it was the perfect combination of hot weather and relaxation without the super drunk party people on LV Blvd.  Although it was exactly what WE needed as a couple to reconnect after these crazy last months of relocating to Oregon, we missed Jackson TERRIBLY and kept saying how we couldn't wait to bring him there and how much he'd love it....

The bump is ready for vacay!!

Yes...we got a Mustang.  Convertible!

The Champagne Bar at the Cosmopolitan 

Fun times at Green Valley Ranch

 First dinner out alone in a long time!

 Dinner Date at Caesar's Palace before a show

Night ride on the strip, topless!

Bye Bye Vegas!


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