Thursday, July 17, 2014

It was a Fab day for a White Wedding!

Jack's wedding weekend/vacay in Central Oregon was such a success!  We traveled three hours to Eaglecrest Resort, where we met family to soak up the sun, explore new things, and of course attend Jack's first wedding of Blake & Sam Tubbs on a gorgeous farm!  The sky was SO blue and the venue was picture perfect : )

We had some time to really enjoy the amenities such as the splash pool, and of course looking (and petting) the nearby horses and eating ice cream next to a huge water fountain:

Jack had the BEST time probably in the resort hotel itself: this little night owl partied until 10pm the first night, running up & down the hallways, throwing pillows around the room!  He also managed to make it to 10pm again the following night dancing on the dance floor at the wedding- we can't wait to take Jackson on another mini-family getaway this summer : )

And finally passed out from all his hard vacation play.....

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