Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jackson William Olson- A Birth Story


Friday, Feb. 15th, 5am: Wake up feeling like crap.....was that a contraction?  And another 20 minutes later?  Lots of googling and texting to my mommy friends ensues.

Friday, Noon:  How do I know if this is real or false labor?  Contractions still 20 minutes apart...if that's what I'm feeling.  More googling.  Travis tells me his Mom isn't taking any chances false labor or not and she catches the next flight to Orange County.

Friday, 5pm:  Holy $#@*.......when my doctor said I wouldn't be able to talk through a contraction he wasn't joking....10 minutes apart now.

Friday, 11pm: We call our doctor when my contractions (now obviously REAL labor!!) are finally 5-6 minutes apart, and he tells us to "step on it" to the hospital- all hell breaks loose at the Olson household as we squeal out of the driveway while our parents are left trying to wrangle the dog and without proper directions to the hospital- sorry about that guys!

Saturday, Feb 16th, 8am: Now 27 hours into labor and sleeping lightly in the labor room with Travis and our parents (taking some of the most comfortable naps I've had since being pregnant, thank you Mr. Epidural), the labor nurse tells me I'm 9 centimeters dilated and she expects Baby O to arrive by 11am, hooray!

Saturday, Noon: One hour past the nurse's prediction, my doctor phones me to tell me that in fact, I've been stuck at 9 centimeters for 4 hours and labor has in fact not progressed, so we have no other choice than move to a c-section....I completely broke down and started sobbing b/c I know my doctor hates c-sections and avoids them at all costs if he has to, but he tells me I'll be fine and there isn't another option....and we're off to the OR five minutes later.

Newport Beach Harbor View from hospital room!


Saturday, 1pm:  So I'm envision this freaking OR room with the doctors asking for scalpels and that creepy heart beat monitor going beep......beep.....beep in the background and big harsh lights that make you feel like you just woke up in a grow house: so far from that.  I may have been hallucinating at this point but Lil' Wayne was blasting as I was wheeled in the operating room, and there was about 15 people in scrubs just casually talking about golf and their plans for the night?!  I'm prepped for surgery, Travis comes rushing in looking like a super hot Grey's Anatomy surgeon, and my doctor quickly says, "You will have a baby in less than 5 minutes"- uhhhhh that sounds great to me after 33 hours!  I was then asked if I want a mirror (which I declined, eww....but then gave in when everyone said they'll just show me at the very end when the baby comes out- ok... fine.) and right when he came out- without a doubt the most....quiet...and surreal everything-flashes-before-your-eyes moment in my entire life- and all I see is a huge baby with full head of dark hair.....yep that's definitely our baby!  And Shakira took it home with "Hips Don't Lie"...sort of ironic.

**Jackson William Olson was born at 1:45pm, weighing in at 8 pounds 12 ounces, 20 inches long**

Jackson's first picture

20 inches long!

Happy Mommy & Daddy!

Daddy vs. Baby O....mini TAO!

And finally resting peacefully in our recovery room.....welcome Jackson!!!!


February: 40 Weeks & an Eviction Notice

Happy Valentine's Day!!  We have officially reached 40 Weeks and Baby O has apparently decided to instead receive his eviction notice & make St. Patty's Day his first holiday : ) Doctor visit went well this week, although I am still only dilated at one centimeter, darn it!  I have gained back a pound and now measuring at 37 weeks. Bets are running rampant on his due date; Great Uncle Dale is hoping for Friday the 15th, I'm betting on the 16th, and Grandpa Thatcher is betting on Sun the 17th!  My parents have been here all week in anticipation, we are on the edge of our seats just waiting for that first contraction! 

**Update: Due to labor pains, I was actually unable to complete my chalkboard for Week 40 (brace yourself for a bare-belly pic), but here is a pic my husband snapped with his IPhone at home while I was in early labor**:

Your baby's the size of a jackfruit!
In month nine, the average fetus is about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds and measures about 18.9 to 20.19 inches (wow!). But you really won't know exactly how big your baby is until his birth.

Month/Week: 9 Months
Total Weight Gain: 26 lbs
Feeling: anxious with anticipation, family is here and we are ready any time this baby is!! : )
Missing: Getting out and around while my parents are in town, we are nervous to travel even 30 minutes away from home just in case!
Cravings:  Hot tea & Valentine's Day candy hearts
I'm Loving: the weather right now- mid 70's with another heat wave expected this weekend- maybe Baby O wants to be born into the heat like his mommy??
Happy or Moody:  Happy
Gender: Big baby Boy
Symptoms: I am on "drop watch"- I think he has slightly dropped b/c my indigestion and rib pain is gone!
Sleep: Similar to past weeks- 2 pee breaks and light sleep!
Wedding Ring On Still?: I'm starting to miss wearing it...although I'm sure I could still squeeze into it ; )
Looking forward to: feeling that first contraction so I know we are on our way!  What a crazy thing to wish for??


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baby O Nursery Reveal!!!

Mr. Baby O's nursery is finally complete!!  Check out the before/during/after pics, and again a huge THANK YOU for everyone's help on the room & design!

Here are the Before/After pics:


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

39 Weeks: February!

Hospital Bag packed?  Check.
Nursery complete?  Check.
Baby clothes laundered?  Check.
Co-sleeper & swing built?  Check.

Doctor confirmed this week that I'm one centimeter dilated!  Which I know that means I have 9 to go, but I'm still elated that I've progressed!  I'm still measuring at 35 weeks, and I've lost 2 lbs since last week (which the doctor confirmed was fine at this stage).  The baby is still frequently moving, although now he stays awake for longer periods of time- like 2 hours at a time!  We think that means he's trying to find an escape : )  Travis' 30th birthday is this Thursday, so we are going to try assisting the baby by eating spicy Thai food & drinking pineapple juice on Wed night!  Stay tuned....

Month/Week: 8 Months, 3 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 25 lbs
Feeling: content; I'm glad that I'm not completely uncomfortable at this stage so I'm good either way if he choose to come early or chooses to wait until after his due date, but we prefer him ASAP!
Missing: I don't even know what it's like to NOT be pregnant anymore....
Cravings:  Cinnamon graham crackers & peanut butter!
I'm Loving: not having to get ready every day for the public/work??
Happy or Moody:  Happy!  We are in the home stretch!
Gender:  Baby Boy
Symptoms: slight cramping, overall tightness in my stomach
Sleep: I'm taking it easy these days at home, so the tossing & turning at night hasn't affected me too much
Wedding Ring On Still?: .I still wear it if I go out in public, haha!  Wedding ring is beginning to get tight too, although I swear my hands aren't any fatter than usual.....?
Looking forward to: going into labor!  Dad wants to share his birthday with you!!

Of course every couple wonders what the baby will look like....here is Daddy Travis as a newborn next to Baby O's 36 week ultrasound, anything similar??



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

38 Weeks: January...2 weeks left!

So the biggest question so far this week- am I dilated?  My doctor wants me to start coming to see him weekly now in the beginning of the week in case I'll have to be induced, which at this rate could very well happen:  I've almost gained 28 lbs, measuring at 35 weeks, effaced 80%.....and zero centimeters dilated, lol!  Which was my guess before he checked, this baby is still riding so high!  Later in the week we visited a nearby friend whom just recently had a baby boy of her own- Hudson Otto- he was a dream baby!  This Sunday is the Superbowl (49ers vs. the Ravens) which means February is sooooo close.....

Month/Week: 8 Months, 2 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 27 lbs
Feeling: very immobile?  Getting in/out of bed and the car can be an ordeal, haha
Missing: being able to really cuddle with my husband, it's a little awkward with a big stomach!
Cravings: Special K Strawberries cereal & stupid fancy gummy bears...thanks Aunt Missy!! ; )
I'm Loving: the fancy gummy bears and having this time off from work before Mr. 
Baby O arrives, I feel like I'm getting a lot done
Happy or Moody:  Happy- I thankfully never really experienced the "moody" part so I'm told
Gender:  Boy
Symptoms: Slightly uncomfortable after a big meal, indigestion, little knees and feet in ribs
Sleep: consists of being surrounded by pillows and the Boppy wedge, with Hunter now in between Travis & I since I switched sides with TAO to be closer to the bathroom for my middle-of-the-night trips
Wedding Ring On Still?: now that I'm home for most of the day I'm jewelry free all together!
Looking forward to: getting all this baby laundry over with!  Who knew his stuff could fill up 4 baskets worth?  Once again, takes after his Dad....

This weeks pics:

Travis put together our new swing this week, and as you can see, Hunter was a huge help as usual...

Hunter continues to snooze throughout the day- very exhausting w/Mom home all the time now

Hunter cuddles in bed with the Boppy wedge I've raved about, guess it works for humans AND dogs?

Baby O's future playmate Hudson Johnson, 2 weeks 3 days old!



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