Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beginning of Summer...and 20 Weeks

So I can't stop thinking about how the 4th of July is next week, and what possible outfits I can mix & match together for his first many options...of course still a little young for major fireworks (the dog still scares the S out of him with his sudden barks) , we'll probably get out during the day around town and keep this fireworks on the flat screen....

These past two weeks Baby Jack has made some MAJOR advances in his baby life- for a little guy who previously haaaaaated tummy time (and not to mention the horrible bath from Oregon), I can't get him OFF his tummy or OUT of the bath now!

This past week he also responded to the sign language for "milk" (kicking feverishly) and for the first time when I picked him up from the neighbors house (kicking feverishly again- he does his while on his changing table smiling and now in the bath so I associate it with great excitement of course)!

We haven't heard an ah-goo or ah-gee in quite some time either, but on the way back from the beach Sunday he was chatting himself up in his car seat looking into his mirror saying, "Hey hey hey hey" and "Woah!"  "Woah!"

He LOVED the beach- we packed him up Sunday morning, dressed him in head-to-toe Baby Gap nautical apparel of course, and headed out to Laguna Beach, one of my favorite little beach towns out here in So Cal (Del Mar is still #1!), strapped him into his front-facing carrier and walked along the beach, even stopping to put his toes in the sand- smiles ALL day.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June: 4 Months Old!

Our little guy is 4 months old!  It's been so crazy watching him evolve and gain new interests every week, sometimes even overnight it seems??  This is a great age too- he is reaching now to explore new things (and not putting them in his mouth- yet.), responds to voices and his name, and is VERY distracted while eating his bottle ("was that the dog?  I love the dog!  Ooh a window!"  You get the picture.)

Age: 17 Weeks, 4 Months
Weight: 14 pounds, 15 ounces
New "Thing": Blowing bubbles with his spit and squealing with delight, discovering items with his hands
Favorite Words: Lately it’s just squealing : )
Favorite Activities: “Standing” with our support, being out in the backyard, and he just discovered TV with his new fave show about pirates
Signature Moves:  Rolling to his right side, or from stomach to back!  We also constantly find him in the opposite side of his crib from where we put him down the night prior, often with his face smushed into the mesh bumper…
Likes: so we went through a 3-week phase of completely hating the bath…and just last night we got back to thinking splashing everywhere was once again VERY exciting….
Dislikes: his binky, fine with us!
Mommy Likes & Dislikes: his laughs are honestly the best sound in the entire world, I could listen to that ALL day….Dislikes: a baby who wakes up for no reason in the middle of night after mastering “sleeping through the night”
Sleeps: since we got back from Oregon he immediately went into his crib in his own room for nighttime- cried the first two nights and now loving it; he will even cry now if he’s really tired UNTIL he gets into his crib; on average falls asleep around 8:30 and wakes at 7am; sometimes waking up on his stomach

Changes in Mood/Behavior: since about 14 weeks he’s been staying awake longer but still naps (powernaps) 3-4x a day 
Eating:  Around 6-8 ounces 5x a day, around 8 oz before bed
Clothes: 3-6 Months, 6 Month pajamas
Looking forward to:  crawling!  He seems so badly to want some mobility, I know this is a few months down the road but I’m excited to see it happen for him!

....this past month in pictures.....

In his new activity gym:

Playing with his owls on his playmat

 Chillin in cable knit

Crazy morning hair

Snoozing on Sat morning....still hasn't gotten the whole "when the sun's up, we're up" Olson thing yet ; )

With Dad in the backyard

Pool days

Just being crazy and as mobile as possible!

 Exploring the flowers in the backyard with Mom

Ready for work in matching Carhartt outfits!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

End of May: First Oregon Vacation!

It seemed so far away....and now my last week of maternity leave is finally here....which also marks the first trip to Oregon!  Jackson did really well on his first flight; played for about 1/2 the flight and slept the rest!  He even got little airplane wings : )

The first Sunday (and one of the only two sunny days while we were home) was the "Baby Convention"at Kay's- and getting to meet little Henry!  Henry is exactly 3 weeks younger than Jackson.

Even though the weather forecast was typical (rain...and more rain....oh and more rain), we managed to keep the baby well entertained the entire week:

Visiting Grandpa Jerry at work and trips to Wilsonville:

Watching Captain Hook and pirate cartoons in the morning

Visiting new baby Phoebe Sage Whiten who was just 6 days old

Jackson's First Boat ride on Great Uncle Brian's pontoon boat and hanging out on the river:

I was even able to momentarily sneak away for a Happy Hour with my bff Erin and SIL Missy!

It's back to work next week....sad to say that my maternity leave is really over now! :/

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May: 3 Months Old & Palm Springs Vacay

Can't hardly believe it....Jackson is 3 months old!

If it weren't for my C-section I'd be going back to work next week, so now I'm actually thankful getting to spend two more weeks off- and we are taking full advantage!  We planned a Palm Springs mini-vacay for our 2-year wedding anniversary, and of course the whole family went....Travis, me, Jackson, AND Hunter!


We enjoyed the porch a lot, and the scenery at the Miramonte Resort was plenty exciting for the baby!  We stayed on the resort both nights and dined at the outdoor restaurant, where Jackson was a huge hit : )

Chocolate-covered strawberries, and Champs (& Enfamil) on ice!

Age: 12 Weeks, 3 Months Old
Weight: 13 lbs!
New "Thing": Standing & Giggling : )
Favorite Words: Ah- goo & Ah-gee are still in high rotation
Favorite Activities: Being held in the front & watching Captain Hook cartoons
Signature Moves:  Stiff-legging and trying to stand!
Likes: his duck rattle, travel Sleep Sheep, and watching people's faces
Dislikes: when it's naptime, and Hunter barking in his face
Mommy Likes & Dislikes: Spending my mornings with JW is the best, he is the most happy and mellow!  Dislikes: Power naps....especially when I step out of the shower and he's flailing around already when I just put him down before I got in!
Sleeps: 8:30pm-7am!  I'm getting more sleep now than I did when I was working in the past!
Changes in Mood: always in a better mood if he's had a long nap...and if the car is moving.  
Eating:  5 ounces during the day, 6-9 ounces at his last feeding at 7pm before bed
Clothes: 3 Month old & 3-6 Mos old footed pajamas
Looking forward to: So far every week he has progressed so much, and we are looking forward to our first "real" vacation....Oregon in one week!  First plane ride....wish us luck!


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