Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beginning of Summer...and 20 Weeks

So I can't stop thinking about how the 4th of July is next week, and what possible outfits I can mix & match together for his first many options...of course still a little young for major fireworks (the dog still scares the S out of him with his sudden barks) , we'll probably get out during the day around town and keep this fireworks on the flat screen....

These past two weeks Baby Jack has made some MAJOR advances in his baby life- for a little guy who previously haaaaaated tummy time (and not to mention the horrible bath from Oregon), I can't get him OFF his tummy or OUT of the bath now!

This past week he also responded to the sign language for "milk" (kicking feverishly) and for the first time when I picked him up from the neighbors house (kicking feverishly again- he does his while on his changing table smiling and now in the bath so I associate it with great excitement of course)!

We haven't heard an ah-goo or ah-gee in quite some time either, but on the way back from the beach Sunday he was chatting himself up in his car seat looking into his mirror saying, "Hey hey hey hey" and "Woah!"  "Woah!"

He LOVED the beach- we packed him up Sunday morning, dressed him in head-to-toe Baby Gap nautical apparel of course, and headed out to Laguna Beach, one of my favorite little beach towns out here in So Cal (Del Mar is still #1!), strapped him into his front-facing carrier and walked along the beach, even stopping to put his toes in the sand- smiles ALL day.

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