Friday, February 20, 2015

Baby Elle: 4 Months Old!

Well it's official- I no longer have two kids under 2!  Elle is four months old  (what??) which means Jack is a full-blown 2-year-old toddler!  It's been a rough month with Travis traveling, sicknesses and sleep training for Elle, but the great news is now Elle is sleeping 10-11 hours on average at night (with a wakeup here and there) in her own room!  She is more alert than ever; cooing in conversations, grabbing (and holding!) rattles and stuffed animals, giggles when we play Peek-a-boo, and can't take her eyes off Big Brother Jack!  February is packed full of fun weekends for the kids with holidays and birthdays as well, it's going to be a busy month!

Age: 4 Months
Height/Weight: 25.4 inches & 12lbs 9 oz; 90% percentile in height & 25th in weight
Eye & Hair Color:  Dark brown & light blue
New "Thing":  Cooing, grabbing/swatting toys, giggling, smiling
Likes: Watching Jackson play, talking with Mommy & Daddy, being held front-facing
Dislikes: Prolonged tummy time and car rides when she's tired!
Mommy Likes:  Her constant & consistent cheerful & calm waketimes- she smiles whenever I smile at her!  I can't get enough of this sweet baby
Sleeps:  10-11 hours at night, and still loves her rocking & pacifier naps in her swing which sadly are coming to an end soon due- she's getting too heavy! : )
Changes in Mood:  More alert when she's awake, just as angry before she naps/goes to bed
Eating: BFing in the morning, and then Up to 8 ounces 3x/day with a 4oz bottle before bed
Clothes:  She's tall and skinny, which means we are all over the board when it comes to what size of clothing I should buy her- I'm constantly holding outfits up to her body!  In general I'm putting her in anything labeled 3-6 months : )
Proud Parent Moment:  When she started going down at night while awake in her crib by herself- of course after 2-3 nights of protest!
Looking forward to:  Celebrating Jack's birthday this month and everything Valentine's that comes with February, we plan to decorate cookies & hand out Valentine cards to our family & friends as well!  

....this past month in pictures....

Monday, February 16, 2015


My baby Jackson is officially two years old!  This last year has blown by so fast I wish I could hit pause on his age (and Elle's) just to keep taking it all in.  Jack has been enjoying Baby Elle, doing great in preschool, and can't get enough of outside play.  He is an absolute joy to be around every day, and I always miss him at night and look forward to what he will do or say the following day!

JJ, Jack-Jack, Jay:
You fill our days with your laughter and vibrant personality, entertain us when we are bored, make us dance to music wherever you hear it, ask us to watch Cars and Despicable Me until we memorize them, and wake us up with your super loud yelling from your room- and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Happy 2nd Birthday to my perfect son, we love you SO much Jackson!

Age: 2 YEARS
Height/Weight: He is 36.5 inches tall and 28 pounds; 95th in height & 65th in weight
Eye & Hair Color:  Ombre curly hair & light brown eyes
New "Thing":  Dancing, jumping; this kid can chat up a STORM, he literally repeats everything and can learn words after hearing them just once AND uses them in the right context!  Some of our favorite quotes thus far:  "Love you"
"Hey! Pipe down DD!" (from a book)
"Yaya!!" (playground)
"Hi Baby Elle"
"Dah-wah!" (Cars, trucks)
"No-man!" (snowman)
"Up-up-up! Dooooowwwwn..."
"Wooooahhh Dadda!" (when Travis hits the gas)
"Mish &" (Missy & Brian's house)
"Nana, Bobbo!" (My Mom & Dad)
"Hot damn!"
Likes: Disney/Pixar movies, anything related to racing & trucks, Sqeegees non-stop, pushing him dump truck in the backyard with DD or around Target, taking baths in our big bathtub
Dislikes:  Getting his hair washed
Mommy Likes:  I can never wait to hear what he SAYS next!  I look forward to hanging out with Jack and he's a constant source of entertainment for not only me but the baby as well- when he's not around we get a little bored believe or not!  I love that he's saying "Love You", it melts my heart.  I'm also loving our snuggle times during movies & our mornings in bed watching cartoons
Sleeps:  Jackson is my CHAMP sleeper, bedtime is at 8pm and he sleeps on average 12 hours
Changes in Mood:  He likes his routine, so heaven forbid you try to switch it up to do something that YOU want to do....hence we have to figure out ways to get him into the car sometimes!
Eating: Sippy cups of milk 3x/day, and bfast, lunch & dinner in his highchair
Clothes:  2T tops and 18 month bottoms that are extra long- tall & trim!
Looking forward to:  Celebrating Jack's birthday this month with a race theme!  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Kissing Booth is Open!

If you didn't already know I'm pretty obsessed with holidays, and having two little ones fuels my passion for completely embracing every one that comes along!  Valentine's Day  is another one of my favorite holidays because of all the red/pink/white and heart themed things that seem to be everywhere!  We had a few friends and family over for a themed photo shoot this year in front of a Kissing Booth, and we couldn't have asked for nicer weather in early Feb!  Here are my favorites from the day- Jack is 23 months old and Elle is 3 months old : )

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Baby Elle: 3 Months Old

It's been a long-short three months  but we made it!  We desperately want her to grow up so she can sleep better, but desperately want a baby forever in our house at the same time.  Elle has been staying more awake during the day on a "loose" schedule, and she loves to have conversations and watch Jack play.  Jack has been a huge help throwing things away in the garbage, getting her binky when she cries, and giving her the first few sips of her bottle when she's hungry- it's adorable.  I know that two under two is quite an undertaking, but I'm seriously loving it; although we think Jackson thinks Elle will be a baby forever!

Age: 3 Months
Weight: 11.1 lbs per a sick visit to the pediatrician : (
Eye & Hair Color: Dark brown & dark blue
New "Thing":  Cooing & kicking!  We are getting a lot of smiles now too and squeals of delight
Likes: Her swing at naptime, Jack, the dog, having conversations, her "fish tank" & Daddy
Dislikes: Carseat, moving or not moving, just all around dislike....makes car rides super fun.  Not a huge fan of diaper changes already either, probably picked that up from someone else...
Mommy Likes:  I'm loving how little she still is and how these days won't last much longer- I almost blacked out forget these early days with Jack
Sleeps: She's been sick the last week and a half, so sleep is pretty bad these days- 11pm,1am, 4am, 6am & 7am she's up!
Changes in Mood:  Aside from being sick, she is SO happy!  She's also more independent than Jack at this age, happily lays in her playmat or bouncer alone with a full tummy
Eating: Nursing and supplementing 2-4oz every 3 hours or so
Clothes:  3-6 month pajamas b/c of her length, and 0-3 in onesies/dresses 
Looking forward to:  Sleep training in her room of course, and Valentine's Day outfits!  I might already have two of them..... Having a little girl is SOOOO much fun : )  We are planning a Valentine's Day photoshoot in the backyard with the kids, we are excited : )

....this past month in pictures....


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