Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adventures of Jack & Elle: Volume One

While at first Jack seemed interested, then bored, then annoyed, he seems to be coming around to the idea more now that Elle could be a potential playmate.  Currently he treats her more of like a "sidekick", but he has learned her name: "Baby" or "Baby Ellie" or "Ellie" : )  Here are a few pictures below of their sibling adventures  thus far (not pictured- Jack feeding Elle her first "food" :frozen yogurt!!)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Elle: 5 Months Old!

Travis and I just agreed last night that we can't believe it's only been 5 months, and that we can't believe Elle is almost 1/2 year old??  And after summer she'll be one?  Crazy.  Elle continues to be such a great baby, and prefers to know where Jackson is at all times!  She's beginning to smile when we come in the room, laugh when we lift her up into the air, and still sleeps super well at night (with the occasional night waking- thanks 4 month sleep regression!).  She is also super distracted now by the tv, the dog, Jackson screaming and running....and watching us eat/drink!  Her hair is also getting long in the back, sort of like a baby Joan Jett... :)  As for her 5 month picture, I couldn't choose just one!


Age: 5 Months
Weight/Size: 26.5 Inches long and heavy.  Lol!
Eye & Hair Color: Dark/Medium brown, light blue
Favorite/New Words: Squealing when she's really happy
Favorite Activities:  "Chasing" Jack around (while being held by one of us), playing with her lovey, swinging, front-packing with Dad on walks
Signature Moves:  Kicking feverishly and rolling side to side, starting to roll from stomach to back
Likes:  Her brother, watching cartoons in the swing, playing with Mom & Dad, walks with the family, Pat-a-Cake & Peek-a-boo games, singing
Dislikes: life before her naps- she's a screamer when she's tired!!
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  Her smell, her hair, her eyes, the fact that she's so little, I can't get enough of this baby......Dislikes: Trying to create a nap schedule for her....with a toddler in the house.
Sleeps: 8pm-6am with one or no wakings and 4oz bottle before bed in her rocker, naps are still all over the place depending on if she fell asleep nursing at morning or not!
Changes in Mood/Behavior:  She's overall a pretty chill baby, and reacts more to us when we come into the room by smiling and kicking!
Eating:  BFing the morning, and 6-8oz bottles 2-3x/day and 4oz bottle before bed
Clothes: 3 Months, NINE Month pajamas  (soooo tall!)
Proud Parent Moment: When I put her down for tummy time and she just rolled over instantly to her back.  No practice at all, just "did" it!!
Looking forward to:  Elle's first Easter!  I've been shopping around for the perfect Easter dress and I think I found it....and of course Easter-egg hunting with Jack!

....this past month in pictures....



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