Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October: Fir Point Farms Pumpkin Patch

I've been waiting MONTHS, literally, months to take Jack to the pumpkin patch!  Now that he's a little older, something about encountering actual crisp & cool Fall weather (instead of 90 degrees w/no socks necessary i.e. last year in Irvine, CA) and taking him to the very patch I grew up going to, along with the freshly made apple cider and cinnamon donuts really made my whole weekend- or "our last weekend as a family of 3" :)  My Dad came along with us and was able to get some good shots, and we found the most perfect pumpkins for our house!  Jack had a blast on the slide, riding the train AND a pony, swinging on the tire swing, and feeding the goats :)

A quick flashback to LY:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

9 Months: We are ready to meet you Elle!!!

Month/Week: 9 Months, 39 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 20-21 lbs
Feeling: Excited to meet her, anxious to become a Mommy of 2 babies!!
Missing: not even wine at this point, just because I know it's going to be all over so soon
Cravings: I had a donut the other day, it was delicious. I hate donuts by the way.
Anything making you queasy: My Fall harvest tea at night unfortunately, she has not been liking my new nighttime ritual
I'm Loving: Jack still seems really into having a "baby" hang out with him, in the car, in the bath- he nods Yes to all these scenarios when I ask him!
Happy or Moody: Happy ...and anxious
Gender: Little baby girl :)
Symptoms: I'm obviously at that point where I cannot attend any function for more than an hour without being completely out of breath or feeling like I was run over, this means I'm really close!
Sleep: Pregnancy insomnia, it's really fun.  I always thought it was God's way of preparing parents for the every-2-hour-eating thing a Newborn does :)
Wedding Rings On Still?:  Engagement ring only
Looking forward to: Finishing up Ellie's nursery and getting into that hospital to meet Elle!  We have been officially scheduled for 8:30am on 10/16, wish us luck :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October: Bridal Veil Lakes Impromptu Maternity Shoot : )

Our friends Ryan and Marsha were married at Bridal Veil Lakes  today, and with the cancellation of our maternity session for Elle was cancelled due to rain (the only day it's rained in like, 3 months of course) we asked my SIL Heidi to snap some quick pictures of us at this beautiful location!  We only have one week and 5 days now to go before we are a family of FOUR : )

October: Elle's Nursery Progress & Gifts Galore!

After tireless hours (yes, hours, actually weeks, maybe months) I finally decided on a blush/gold/blk & white nursery theme for Elle's nursery which means that we've had to seriously get some work done with this little girl coming soon!  Here is our progress so far, Daddy & the Grandma's have been hard at work!

Here are some shots of all the fun outfits and gifts Ellie has been receiving from good friends and family, she is already spoiled!! : )  Thank you! 💋

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

September: Baby Elle's Sprinkle!!

Baby Elle was celebrated this past weekend with close friends & family, and I couldn't have asked for a better "sprinkle"!  I hosted the sprinkle at my house while my MIL & SIL cooked all the brunch food and my Mom arranged all the tables/chairs/flowers to perfection...I really felt like I was having a Pinterest worthy baby shower!  We also had our custom PBarn couch delivered TWO days before the event which was a lifesaver when it came to present opening and additional seating.  The theme colors were blush, white, black and gold and brunch style!

Special Thank you! 💋 To Everyone that cooked, planned, decorated, and attended to make Elle's Sprinkle a success : )



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