Monday, October 6, 2014

8 Months Prego: 4 Weeks to Go!

And I couldn't be happier than I'm scheduled for a cesarean delivery on Week 39!  I'm officially heavier now than I ever was pregnant with Jack (only by a couple pounds thankfully) and definitely feeling the baby putting pressure on my body, but of course she's totally worth it : )  My "sprinkle" was this week at our house and I had the best time- Jack went with Dad to the park & lunch while I was able to eat brunch and open tons of baby girl clothes, it was the best Sunday ever! 

Month/Week: 8 Months, 100 weeks pregnant
Total Weight Gain:
Feeling: Ok in the mornings, sore by night fall!  And like I could be ok with having the baby tomorrow ha....
Missing: a full night's sleep without turning from side to side and bathroom breaks
Cravings: Cereal and fruity candy, I must be stopped!
Anything making you queasy: Red meat anything and tea in the mornings : (
I'm Loving: that I'm able to deliver Elle one week early, which not only means we get to meet her earlier but that I won't have to endure 39+ weeks of pregnancy!
Happy or Moody: Happy and....a little moody
Gender: Girl
Symptoms: Indigestion is at an all time WORST
Sleep: Pretty decent except when Elle won't fall asleep at night, but she sleeps through the night pretty well so I hope that's a clue of what's to come!
Wedding Rings On Still?:  No....just my engagement ring now
Looking forward to: Besides the obvious, going to the pumpkin patches with Jackson and buying all of our fun Halloween decorations to go around our new house- we have heard that our neighborhood is crazy with decorating so I couldn't be more excited!  We also decided to do a potluck at our house with close family that will hopefully become tradition for years to come!

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