Wednesday, September 26, 2012

19 Weeks: September

All Baby O's kicks and punches now getting a LOT stronger, over the weekend he was going crazy!  Now that I'm a little more used to all the activity going on in there!
I love to feel everything- such a great reminder that I get to hang out with him all day : )  He can also hear now, and has been responding to my husband Travis' voice!  Baby O weighs nearly 9 ounces and is close to 6 inches long:

Month/Week: 4 Months/19 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: +9 lbs since my first weigh-in
Feeling: Seemingly normal?  And actually getting comfortable at night sleeping on my side
Cravings: Still anything cinnamon flavored.....
I'm Loving: any time the baby is active, I love feeling the movement
Maternity Clothes: Rocking the belly band w/jeans now- I had NO idea how comfortable these things actually were!
Wedding Ring On Still?:  Yes, my fingers aren't gaining any water weight- knock on wood......
Looking forward to: Next week- half way!!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Let them eat cupcakes...Baby O Gender Reveal!

SUCH a fun day with girlfriends at Casey Cupcakes!!  In 103 degree weather, we all met in the afternoon for a quick cupcake dessert, and inside all the mystery pre-ordered
filled cupcakes
was frosting colored in blue or pink: and obviously it was blue!  It was such a great relaxing dessert party to reveal that we are expecting a little boy :)  Thank you to Lynnae & Shoma for your extra help, and to all the girls that came and even surprised me with some little gifts!! xoxo  Here are some pictures from the event below:


Thursday, September 20, 2012

18 Weeks~ September: It's A.......??

First thing we did when I laid down on the table at the ultrasound- tell the technician lady we needed to know the gender asap!  Without a doubt, we are having a:
Baby boy!!  
We were overjoyed and so thrilled to finally learn the news after waiting for what felt like forever and add a little boy to our family couldn't be a bigger blessing...the ultrasound showed us that he is starting to look like an actual human with long arms and legs- and all 5 fingers and toes (I made her count)!  I'm already so in love! 

Some pics from the 18 Week ultrasound:

Month/Week: 4 Months/18 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 7 pounds
Feeling: Kicks & punches getting a LOT stronger, they startle me sometimes!
Cravings: Anything with cheese and cinnamon....
I'm Loving: Feeling the punches and kicks getting stronger : )
Maternity Clothes:  I haven’t worn jeans in maybe 5 weeks now, they are so tight….thankfully there has been a major heat wave so I can wear maxis & dresses almost every day
Wedding Ring On Still?:  Yes!  I hoping I can at least wear my band the entire time
Looking forward to: Decorating the nursery with a boy theme!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

17 Weeks: Boy or Girl? ~September

Baby O had a busy week- first trip to Oregon for our good friend’s wedding, and visiting grand AND great-grand parents!  I’ve also noticed a big difference in size from last week to this week- finally showing a bump through my clothes- although a lady on the plane could NOT believe I was 4.5 months prego and another lady in the Spectrum called me a skinny B jokingly after I literally interrupted her to talk about her Orbit stroller.  Hopefully I’m almost past that “is she pregnant or just getting fat” stage- at this rate in a few weeks I will be I think!  But for now, all I can focus on now is whether Baby O a:

Boy or Girl?
We find out at the end of the week and I seriously can’t wait!!!

Month/Week: 3.75 Months/17 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: I don't exactly own a scale...but I swear my bump gets bigger every day
Feeling: Like I'm bigger than I really am, ha!  My husband isn't exactly letting me get away with that yet!Cravings: Cinnabon and anything cinnamon!!  Thanks to Alyssa R who keeps me full of cinnamon Cheerios in the mornings at work.
I'm Loving: Finally seeing a bump!
Maternity Clothes:  A small collection thanks to my Mommy- consisting of oversized Nordstrom sweaters and leggings
Wedding Ring On Still?:  Yes, my husband is the best and I love the reminder ; )
Looking forward to: finding out the gender of the baby next week; they say it's the "Year of the Girl "??  Either way I have this super cute gender-neutral Petunia Pickle Bottom baby bag from my FSIL!

Boy or Girl?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

16 Weeks- September

So if any of you have been to my house, you've seen my 3rd bedroom that I'm standing in with my chalkboard- or my "storage/future nursery" with the bare scuffed-up original white walls (a pet peeve- no other white walls remain in my entire house!), right?  Finally this weekend we started to clear everything out- dressers, camping & workout clothes, shoes, speakers...all in preparation to begin

 when we find out the gender in 2 more weeks!

Month/Week: 3.5 Months/16 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: Maybe 5-10 pounds
Feeling: My pregnancy catching up with me- doctor told me I should slow down- oops!
Cravings: All this talk of avocados is making me crave MEXICAN FOOD
I'm Loving: Customized crib bedding.....$$ but so amazing- check out my "boy" one below :)
Maternity Clothes: Randomly shopping with my friend Christina at our favorite consignment store in Newport Beach, I found a maternity Juicy velour zip up in Pine for $15-  perfect for our cooler winters in CA!
Wedding Ring On Still?:  Yes!  As long as possible : )
Looking forward to: Seeing our baby nearly triple in size from now until Week 20!

From Choose your fabrics, apply to see what it looks like, and add to cart- WAY too simple....

Blue, Grey & White Bedding


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

15 Weeks: Early Favorites as a Mommy-2-Be

At this moment in time we still have not confirmed the sex of  Baby O however that hasn't stopped me from Pinning and Etsy-ing like a crazy person (keeping a gender-neutral mindset)!  With my first trimester behind me, here are some of my early favorites for mommies & babies-to-be:

Clockwise from left:

~L-O-V-E banner:  I LOVE banners, period.
~Cupcakes:  Although I'm definitely not a "sweets" person, I can't help dreaming about indulging in numerous cupcakes in any flavor!!  It's a problem.
~Starbucks Passion Fruit Iced Tea:  AMAZING thirst quencher, and helps me with any nausea that I may have during the day. From, endless amount of resources, baby size of the week, nursery decor, and even stroller comparisons- I could be on this website for hours!  She stars in her own Bravo reality "Pregnant in Heels", and this girl knows how to make and design amazing maternity clothing (even includes free gifts in online orders from time-to-time!)
~Strawberries:  I swear these taste better when you're prego.
~Black & White Striped Mobile:  If you know me personally, I'm obsessed with all things Black & White; I love this mobile for a boy or girl!  Pinned on my Pinterest board ( you can follow me through clicking the red Pinterest button in the upper hand right corner of this page)
~Tocca Montauk Candle:  By far one of the most amazing things I'm smelled in my pregnancy- while smelling fried chicken makes me sick and donuts make me crave sugar, this candle not only smells amazing but I could probably smell it all day long.  Literally I smell this candle a lot.



Monday, September 10, 2012

14 Weeks~ August

Just had my 2nd trimester check up- we listened to the heartbeat with our doctor and he said everything still looks and sounds good!  Also decided with my stylist to go a little darker with my hair so I don't have to visit the salon crazy often over the next 6 months to upkeep my blonde, what do you think? : )

Month/Week: 3 Months/14 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 5 pounds, finally!
Feeling: A little pressure from time to time, but otherwise seemlingly normal!
Cravings: Just had my first CDL from Starbucks....well worth the wait....soooooo gooooood
I'm Loving: All the amazing furniture/clothes/supplies you can find for babies that other Mom's swear wasn't around even 5 years ago!
Maternity Clothes:  My bff Erica gave me a few outfits- and I already wore the dress- I have no idea why people don't wear these clothes more often, they are so comfortable....
Wedding Ring On Still?:  You bet.  Not seeing any weight gain really yet?
Looking forward to: Finally having a little bump : )

Friday, September 7, 2012

13 Weeks~ August

So I'm officially in my 2nd trimester, and although I'm sure a lot of prego and post-prego girls will kill me when I say this, but I LOVE being pregnant- finally I'm getting all my energy back, and still haven't experienced any morning sickness!  Our last doctor visit was also successful: healthy baby, and extremely active!!  Any cough or laugh and the baby responded, even turning completely over like he/she was doing a summersault : ) 

Month/Week: 3 Months/13 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: Not that I can see?
Feeling: Getting all my energy back that I lacked in the first trimester, feeling great!
Cravings: If you know me, I hate donuts.....I actually cut off a 1/4 of a maple bar today in the lunchroom at it was amazing..
I'm Loving: Being pregnant!
Maternity Clothes:  Not yet, but I love browsing!
Wedding Ring On Still?:  Yep
Looking forward to: this "easy" trimester : )

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

...coming February 2013.....& 3 Months

I MADE IT!  So after waiting three of the longest months of my life to share my amazing news with friends & family, we are proud and overly-ecstatic to announce that yes, we are expecting a baby in: February 2013 
We couldn't be happier, and truly appreciate all the prayers and thoughts from everyone towards Baby O!




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