Saturday, September 15, 2012

17 Weeks: Boy or Girl? ~September

Baby O had a busy week- first trip to Oregon for our good friend’s wedding, and visiting grand AND great-grand parents!  I’ve also noticed a big difference in size from last week to this week- finally showing a bump through my clothes- although a lady on the plane could NOT believe I was 4.5 months prego and another lady in the Spectrum called me a skinny B jokingly after I literally interrupted her to talk about her Orbit stroller.  Hopefully I’m almost past that “is she pregnant or just getting fat” stage- at this rate in a few weeks I will be I think!  But for now, all I can focus on now is whether Baby O a:

Boy or Girl?
We find out at the end of the week and I seriously can’t wait!!!

Month/Week: 3.75 Months/17 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: I don't exactly own a scale...but I swear my bump gets bigger every day
Feeling: Like I'm bigger than I really am, ha!  My husband isn't exactly letting me get away with that yet!Cravings: Cinnabon and anything cinnamon!!  Thanks to Alyssa R who keeps me full of cinnamon Cheerios in the mornings at work.
I'm Loving: Finally seeing a bump!
Maternity Clothes:  A small collection thanks to my Mommy- consisting of oversized Nordstrom sweaters and leggings
Wedding Ring On Still?:  Yes, my husband is the best and I love the reminder ; )
Looking forward to: finding out the gender of the baby next week; they say it's the "Year of the Girl "??  Either way I have this super cute gender-neutral Petunia Pickle Bottom baby bag from my FSIL!

Boy or Girl?

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