Monday, September 10, 2012

14 Weeks~ August

Just had my 2nd trimester check up- we listened to the heartbeat with our doctor and he said everything still looks and sounds good!  Also decided with my stylist to go a little darker with my hair so I don't have to visit the salon crazy often over the next 6 months to upkeep my blonde, what do you think? : )

Month/Week: 3 Months/14 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 5 pounds, finally!
Feeling: A little pressure from time to time, but otherwise seemlingly normal!
Cravings: Just had my first CDL from Starbucks....well worth the wait....soooooo gooooood
I'm Loving: All the amazing furniture/clothes/supplies you can find for babies that other Mom's swear wasn't around even 5 years ago!
Maternity Clothes:  My bff Erica gave me a few outfits- and I already wore the dress- I have no idea why people don't wear these clothes more often, they are so comfortable....
Wedding Ring On Still?:  You bet.  Not seeing any weight gain really yet?
Looking forward to: Finally having a little bump : )

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