Thursday, September 18, 2014

August: 7 Months Prego and feeling......Prego

Month/Week: 7 Months 
Total Weight Gain: 100 lbs just in my stomach...or so it feels like
Feeling: super pregnant & that Ellie is running out of room and it scares me a little that we still have a little over a month & a half to go! 
Missing: a cold beer on a really hot day on the river, and we've had a LOT of hot summer days this year!
Cravings: Milk.....yeah I thought that was strange too.
Anything making you queasy: I'm still trying to eat as much as possible before the baby is too big in my stomach to get a good big meal
I'm Loving: that people (strangers) can tell I'm totally prego now- hence getting doors opened for you, being let first in line at the grocery- "Yes I'd love your seat so I can sit down!" : )
Happy or Moody: Happy
Gender: Girl
Symptoms: Indigestion, front-heavy & backaches/knots starting to form....I obvs need a massage.
Sleep: Elle has established her pattern of snoozing in the morning, sleeping most of the day, and partying for about an hour after I've laid down for the night!
Wedding Rings On Still?:  For special occasions, I almost couldn't get it off last night
Looking forward to: Halloween!!  I know it's only August, but with baby coming mid-Oct I know I have to be totally on top of it this year with decorations and costumes for the family!  Travis plans to take little Jack trick o' treating while I hand out candy at home with Ellie, I couldn't be more excited to have a full little family for the holidays!!

Elle's Halloween  costume:  a Meow-Meow : )

Baby Jack's Halloween costume: a Scary bat!!


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