Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Elle's Ballerina Shoot (& Jackson too)

Elle was lucky enough to have TWO photo shoots to document her 1st birthday!  However, my favorite had to be the ballerina studio shoot we had with the same amazing photographer that did our April Tulip shoot- because Jackson decided to jump in and steal the show!  Here are some of my favorites; I can't wait to blow these up on canvases around my house!  I am loving that Jackson has his "big boy" haircut and shows so much love for his baby sister : )

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween Night not a soul in sight....

Ok so there were people over for our potluck but due to the torrential DOWNPOUR, we only got 10 groups of trick o' treaters this year!  The rain didn't deter us, and especially not Jack who didn't even wear a coat!!  First for our "day activity" we took the kids to Lee's Farm in their costumes for some Halloween-themed fun, and then had our families over for chili & candy of course!  The kids lasted on our street only, then came inside to check out their stash.

Elle Turns 1 and throws a Summer Secret Garden Soiree!

24 oversized paper flowers, 17 kids, and perfect 75 degree weather makes for a damn good time (and a lot of cleanup omg...)  Elle's party was a great success!  The weather was so perfect, and thank goodness because we had a LOT of people over at our house, plus 2 friends (Karyn & Lynnae) up visiting from California!  Elle got a lot of clothes and some toys, and all her friends had so much fun opening up the presents and chowing down on the poppy-shaped cookie favors.  Elle actually enjoyed her smash cake, as you can see below- and now of course Jack "can't wait" until our next party...whew...I need a good year to recover! ;) 

A little prefunking the night before the party with bestie Karyn!

Pumpkin-Patching and Hallo-week!

Three pumpkin patches, multiple themed outfits and costumes- this month has been so packed with fun things for the kids and of course, my favorite holiday is right around the corner!  Plus there have been way too many cute photo ops so share in a monthly posting so here we go:


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