Friday, September 11, 2015

Oregon Summer Fair Fun!

Jack is SO pumped that he's tall enough for most of the toddler rides at the fairs this year!  Our first fair of the year was in Canby, a small but decent one that had plenty of food, rides and animals.  Jack had the best time looking at the bunnies, cows and goats!  Sissy just yelled "D-D!" at every animal and passed out 15 minutes into it ; )  

Our 2nd fair of the summer was the OSFair in Salem which was double-stroller worthy!  Rides, food, animals, lemonade,  ice cream, games, toys......everyone passed out afterwards except Momma who went to bed at 8pm that night lol!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Baby Elle is 10 Months Old and it's Hot hot hot!!

It's been such a HOT & busy August this year but the kids are loving every minute of it!  There have been plenty of pool dips, popsicles and summer parties  to attend, and both Jack & Elle have been so fun through it all!  Jack is officially potty-trained (just decided overnight that he'd like "a little potty" to go on and voila!) which has been awesome, I never knew how freeing only one kid in diapers could be!  His new "thing" is to be "wrapped like a burrito" in his blanket, and of course his Bear must also be wrapped up as well!  Elle continues to be a joy, and no colds or teething this month has definitely made our days easier, but at 10 months I just realized I'll only have two months until she's officially not an Infant anymore!

Age: 10 Months
Weight/Size: Over 20 lbs and super tall!
Eye & Hair Color, Teeth: 4 teeth still, her fangs are perfect for Halloween!
Nicknames: Baby Wee, Sister Wolf, Sissy
Favorite/New Words: Although it's not new, every animal she see is a "D-D"!!
Favorite Activities:  Swinging in the backyard, playing cars with Jack, watching the cars go by from the master room balcony
Signature Moves:  Kicking and "wiggle wiggle wiggle", rolling from one of the room to the next
Likes:  to kick furiously while on her back to show excitement, Jack's cars, finger foods
Dislikes: Being left alone too long or having a toy snatched out of her hand
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  We say she's like a 3-year old trapped in a baby's body lol!  She seems to know exactly what's going on now but can't communicate yet with words! Dislikes: The microscopic pieces of dirt (or feathers from our pillows) that Elle finds on the carpet to eat for a snack.....
Sleeps: 7:30/8pm-6:30/7am, naps 10 & 3 for 45min to 1.5 hours, goes down without a fight in her crib like an angel :)
Looking forward to: The end of summer picnics and her upcoming birthday!  Of course I've begun planning MONTHS in advance and changed the theme not once but THREE times already (Kidchella, then Pineapples, now "Summer Soiree"!  It will also be the first real party we've had at our Oregon house so I've been decorating like crazy to get ready!  

....this past month in pictures....


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