Thursday, December 12, 2013

November: Thanksgiving in Big Bear

Big Bear was GREAT to us, Jack was in the best mood all weekend, ate like a champ, and Hunter slept as much as possible on any open lap in front of the fire.  Mommy & Daddy got to enjoy a little grown up time with our friends while hot tubbing, drinking red wine, and watching the entire 6th season of Entourage until midnight!   Our cozy cabin  had two bedrooms, a fireplace, fenced-in yard for Hunter to run around and play (bark) and a super hot jacuzzi!

Jack had turkey, cheese, olives, pickles & apples on Thanksgiving Day!  He loved the turkey leg Travis gave him, among other things....we stayed in all day watching football, playing with the baby, eating, drinking mulled wine (I missed you so much last Thanksgiving dear friend) and staying warm!

Although there was no snow on the ground, we did get some snow flurries on Black Friday at our cabin in the woods!  We managed to creep out of our cabin this day to explore the downtown area to do a little shopping and have margaritas at our favorite Mexican restaurant!

We had an amazing time, and I'm SO thankful to be sharing this holiday with my family : )  We agreed we have to get up to the mountain as a family at least once every year in the winter from now on!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

November: 9 Months Old!!

It's really hard for some reason to come to terms with the idea that Jack is now 9 months old, which happens to be how long he was growing in my stomach, and I can't figure out which flew by faster or what took longer!  I know I've said it before, but this age is so precious!   He is actually a really fun kid to hang out with, however he is super busy and gets bored easily so we are constantly on the go!

Age: 9 Months
Weight/Size:19.7 lbs & 29 inches long
Favorite Words: Whispering "Dad-da", dinosaur growing, and fake laughing!  He'll also copy us when we do any of the above in his presence 
Favorite Activities: Reading books, specifically Halloween Jack (I know I know, the holiday is over but I can't bear to put this book away JUST yet....eating finger foods or anything Mommy eats, riding in the cart at the grocery store
Signature Moves: He still prefers army-crawling, however now you can find him holding onto furniture and banging on it with his open palms, playing with the boiiiing-y door stopper, or open and closing doors while on his stomach
Likes: Food, rattles, being held....pretty standard, right?
Dislikes: When I change his diaper or attempt to take him arms in or out of long sleeves.  Sigh....
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  His giggles & hearing him say “Mom-ma” when he can’t see me, I feel like he actually knows that’s my name now?  Dislikes: Jack tipping Hunter's water bowel all over himself....repeatedly.  More long sleeves.
Sleeps: 8pm-6:30am still; officially taking 2 naps (@ 8:30am and @2pm) for an hour each
Changes in Mood/Behavior: He's been teething non-stop, which is no surprise, however these last few teeth haven't seemed to bother him nearly as much as the first he's been in a great mood!
Eating 8 ounces 5x a day, solids (or mushy) now at lunch AND dinner- guacamole, carrots & apples are the favorite!  He also begins dinner with “star puffs”; he is getting SO good at pinching the little puffs with his thumb & pointer finger : )
Clothes: 6-12 month everything (thank you GAP!)
Looking forward to: Our Thanksgiving weekend trip to Big Bear!  We plan to go up to the mountains for 4 days with our good friends Roya & Curtis for a little R&R (and mulled wine!)  I have my fingers crossed for snow!

....this past month in pictures.....

 Getting ready for some Mexican food....I looked like this too.

Laguna Beach Day with Mommy and Glam-ma

                                                                               Hard at play at baby Gymboree class

Waffle Shirt Sunday

Play date with his friend Hudson 

Morning Bathtime in the sink

Dinnertime at 5pm!


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