Tuesday, December 10, 2013

November: 9 Months Old!!

It's really hard for some reason to come to terms with the idea that Jack is now 9 months old, which happens to be how long he was growing in my stomach, and I can't figure out which flew by faster or what took longer!  I know I've said it before, but this age is so precious!   He is actually a really fun kid to hang out with, however he is super busy and gets bored easily so we are constantly on the go!

Age: 9 Months
Weight/Size:19.7 lbs & 29 inches long
Favorite Words: Whispering "Dad-da", dinosaur growing, and fake laughing!  He'll also copy us when we do any of the above in his presence 
Favorite Activities: Reading books, specifically Halloween Jack (I know I know, the holiday is over but I can't bear to put this book away JUST yet....eating finger foods or anything Mommy eats, riding in the cart at the grocery store
Signature Moves: He still prefers army-crawling, however now you can find him holding onto furniture and banging on it with his open palms, playing with the boiiiing-y door stopper, or open and closing doors while on his stomach
Likes: Food, rattles, being held....pretty standard, right?
Dislikes: When I change his diaper or attempt to take him arms in or out of long sleeves.  Sigh....
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  His giggles & hearing him say “Mom-ma” when he can’t see me, I feel like he actually knows that’s my name now?  Dislikes: Jack tipping Hunter's water bowel all over himself....repeatedly.  More long sleeves.
Sleeps: 8pm-6:30am still; officially taking 2 naps (@ 8:30am and @2pm) for an hour each
Changes in Mood/Behavior: He's been teething non-stop, which is no surprise, however these last few teeth haven't seemed to bother him nearly as much as the first one....so he's been in a great mood!
Eating 8 ounces 5x a day, solids (or mushy) now at lunch AND dinner- guacamole, carrots & apples are the favorite!  He also begins dinner with “star puffs”; he is getting SO good at pinching the little puffs with his thumb & pointer finger : )
Clothes: 6-12 month everything (thank you GAP!)
Looking forward to: Our Thanksgiving weekend trip to Big Bear!  We plan to go up to the mountains for 4 days with our good friends Roya & Curtis for a little R&R (and mulled wine!)  I have my fingers crossed for snow!

....this past month in pictures.....

 Getting ready for some Mexican food....I looked like this too.

Laguna Beach Day with Mommy and Glam-ma

                                                                               Hard at play at baby Gymboree class

Waffle Shirt Sunday

Play date with his friend Hudson 

Morning Bathtime in the sink

Dinnertime at 5pm!

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