Monday, November 18, 2013

November: A Wedding Weekend in Oregon!

This month has been non-stop for us so far!  I am just now getting caught back up on the blog thankfully, but so much has happened: we are currently in escrow on our house, we had a family wedding in Oregon, and my Mom came down to visit!  It's already feeling like the holidays with all the craziness,  but we love it!

After we got most of our belongings in storage, it was off to Oregon for a wedding weekend: Travis' cousin Mike Lovelin, who has lived with us, gone to school with us, vacationed with us is finally getting hitched!!  Jack was a little overwhelmed at the rehearsal party but at least he dressed the part well : )

On the Lovelin wedding night, we got a date night out, which consisted of a lot of champagne, LBD's, and an interesting cab ride home in a Prius, topped off with some seltzer water and Burger King at 11pm.  Late night I know.

We had such a good time celebrating with the family, and Jack had a great time with my parents on our night out!  Oregon weekend, done.  Another success : )

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