Wednesday, September 12, 2012

15 Weeks: Early Favorites as a Mommy-2-Be

At this moment in time we still have not confirmed the sex of  Baby O however that hasn't stopped me from Pinning and Etsy-ing like a crazy person (keeping a gender-neutral mindset)!  With my first trimester behind me, here are some of my early favorites for mommies & babies-to-be:

Clockwise from left:

~L-O-V-E banner:  I LOVE banners, period.
~Cupcakes:  Although I'm definitely not a "sweets" person, I can't help dreaming about indulging in numerous cupcakes in any flavor!!  It's a problem.
~Starbucks Passion Fruit Iced Tea:  AMAZING thirst quencher, and helps me with any nausea that I may have during the day. From, endless amount of resources, baby size of the week, nursery decor, and even stroller comparisons- I could be on this website for hours!  She stars in her own Bravo reality "Pregnant in Heels", and this girl knows how to make and design amazing maternity clothing (even includes free gifts in online orders from time-to-time!)
~Strawberries:  I swear these taste better when you're prego.
~Black & White Striped Mobile:  If you know me personally, I'm obsessed with all things Black & White; I love this mobile for a boy or girl!  Pinned on my Pinterest board ( you can follow me through clicking the red Pinterest button in the upper hand right corner of this page)
~Tocca Montauk Candle:  By far one of the most amazing things I'm smelled in my pregnancy- while smelling fried chicken makes me sick and donuts make me crave sugar, this candle not only smells amazing but I could probably smell it all day long.  Literally I smell this candle a lot.



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