Wednesday, October 1, 2014

August: 18 Months Old, Officially One & a Half!! :)

I have been soaking up EVERY moment I have with this little guy as just a party of 2 during the day while I'm home before his baby sister arrives!  He's becoming even more independent, and definitely lets us know his displeasure with something with a "No Momma!"  He has been obsessed with the "ya-ya" (playgrounds) lately, going on walks, riding around with his window down looking for trucks & construction machines, and overall being such a joy to be around every day!  

Age: 18 Months
Weight/Size: 25.5 lbs
Favorite Words: Boo!, Cheese,  Puffs, Teeth, Ya-Ya, Uh-Oh, saying the Alphabet and his favorite letter "O"
Favorite Activities:  Water table in the backyard, going to the ya-ya, watching a Jake & the Neverland Pirates episode before nap/bedtime, watching the Minions on Despicable Me
Signature Moves: He started jumping up & down a few days ago which is super funny to watch because he still doesn't quite have it down
LikesMusic in his highchair during meals or in a store that he can dance to, pushing a shopping cart around a store, taking the dog for walks around the neighborhood, his stuffed animal chair "Bobby" and having play dates with other kids!
Dislikes: When Dee-Dee won't read books with us
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  Jack kissing "the baby" in my stomach and letting "the baby" have toys, I think he will be SUCH a great older brother!  I am also loving snuggles at night before bed when we watch a short cartoon to settle him down for the night. Dislikes: There is honestly nothing I dislike about this age, I've said it before that this is my all-time favorite age!!
Sleeps: Bath around 7:30 & 8:30ish bedtime (Thanks to OR summers), 7:30am wake, naps 1-3
Changes in Mood/Behavior: I swear he understands all English now, it's SO great to communicate with him and he actually understands me- which will be really good when the baby comes in two short months I think??
Eating: Sippy cup of milk 3x/day, favorites right now are strawberries & carrots, and anything he can stab with his fork
Clothes: Still squeezing into our 12-18 clothes, the shorts & short sleeve shirts are perfect since he's slim but long so we are getting good use out of them
Looking forward to:  Painting little baby Elle's nursery this week!!  Jackson has been rolling everything in site in preparation, I can't wait to really see her room come together! :) 

....this past month in pictures....
Another ice cream before dinner!

Bathtime fun with Dad

                                                            Shopping at New Seasons

Dinner party with the (also pregnant) Kellums


Oregon State Fair Day!

 Pig Roast in Corvallis at the Houk's Farm

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