Friday, February 20, 2015

Baby Elle: 4 Months Old!

Well it's official- I no longer have two kids under 2!  Elle is four months old  (what??) which means Jack is a full-blown 2-year-old toddler!  It's been a rough month with Travis traveling, sicknesses and sleep training for Elle, but the great news is now Elle is sleeping 10-11 hours on average at night (with a wakeup here and there) in her own room!  She is more alert than ever; cooing in conversations, grabbing (and holding!) rattles and stuffed animals, giggles when we play Peek-a-boo, and can't take her eyes off Big Brother Jack!  February is packed full of fun weekends for the kids with holidays and birthdays as well, it's going to be a busy month!

Age: 4 Months
Height/Weight: 25.4 inches & 12lbs 9 oz; 90% percentile in height & 25th in weight
Eye & Hair Color:  Dark brown & light blue
New "Thing":  Cooing, grabbing/swatting toys, giggling, smiling
Likes: Watching Jackson play, talking with Mommy & Daddy, being held front-facing
Dislikes: Prolonged tummy time and car rides when she's tired!
Mommy Likes:  Her constant & consistent cheerful & calm waketimes- she smiles whenever I smile at her!  I can't get enough of this sweet baby
Sleeps:  10-11 hours at night, and still loves her rocking & pacifier naps in her swing which sadly are coming to an end soon due- she's getting too heavy! : )
Changes in Mood:  More alert when she's awake, just as angry before she naps/goes to bed
Eating: BFing in the morning, and then Up to 8 ounces 3x/day with a 4oz bottle before bed
Clothes:  She's tall and skinny, which means we are all over the board when it comes to what size of clothing I should buy her- I'm constantly holding outfits up to her body!  In general I'm putting her in anything labeled 3-6 months : )
Proud Parent Moment:  When she started going down at night while awake in her crib by herself- of course after 2-3 nights of protest!
Looking forward to:  Celebrating Jack's birthday this month and everything Valentine's that comes with February, we plan to decorate cookies & hand out Valentine cards to our family & friends as well!  

....this past month in pictures....

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