Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Baby Elle: 3 Months Old

It's been a long-short three months  but we made it!  We desperately want her to grow up so she can sleep better, but desperately want a baby forever in our house at the same time.  Elle has been staying more awake during the day on a "loose" schedule, and she loves to have conversations and watch Jack play.  Jack has been a huge help throwing things away in the garbage, getting her binky when she cries, and giving her the first few sips of her bottle when she's hungry- it's adorable.  I know that two under two is quite an undertaking, but I'm seriously loving it; although we think Jackson thinks Elle will be a baby forever!

Age: 3 Months
Weight: 11.1 lbs per a sick visit to the pediatrician : (
Eye & Hair Color: Dark brown & dark blue
New "Thing":  Cooing & kicking!  We are getting a lot of smiles now too and squeals of delight
Likes: Her swing at naptime, Jack, the dog, having conversations, her "fish tank" & Daddy
Dislikes: Carseat, moving or not moving, just all around dislike....makes car rides super fun.  Not a huge fan of diaper changes already either, probably picked that up from someone else...
Mommy Likes:  I'm loving how little she still is and how these days won't last much longer- I almost blacked out forget these early days with Jack
Sleeps: She's been sick the last week and a half, so sleep is pretty bad these days- 11pm,1am, 4am, 6am & 7am she's up!
Changes in Mood:  Aside from being sick, she is SO happy!  She's also more independent than Jack at this age, happily lays in her playmat or bouncer alone with a full tummy
Eating: Nursing and supplementing 2-4oz every 3 hours or so
Clothes:  3-6 month pajamas b/c of her length, and 0-3 in onesies/dresses 
Looking forward to:  Sleep training in her room of course, and Valentine's Day outfits!  I might already have two of them..... Having a little girl is SOOOO much fun : )  We are planning a Valentine's Day photoshoot in the backyard with the kids, we are excited : )

....this past month in pictures....

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