Wednesday, June 12, 2013

End of May: First Oregon Vacation!

It seemed so far away....and now my last week of maternity leave is finally here....which also marks the first trip to Oregon!  Jackson did really well on his first flight; played for about 1/2 the flight and slept the rest!  He even got little airplane wings : )

The first Sunday (and one of the only two sunny days while we were home) was the "Baby Convention"at Kay's- and getting to meet little Henry!  Henry is exactly 3 weeks younger than Jackson.

Even though the weather forecast was typical (rain...and more rain....oh and more rain), we managed to keep the baby well entertained the entire week:

Visiting Grandpa Jerry at work and trips to Wilsonville:

Watching Captain Hook and pirate cartoons in the morning

Visiting new baby Phoebe Sage Whiten who was just 6 days old

Jackson's First Boat ride on Great Uncle Brian's pontoon boat and hanging out on the river:

I was even able to momentarily sneak away for a Happy Hour with my bff Erin and SIL Missy!

It's back to work next week....sad to say that my maternity leave is really over now! :/

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