Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May: 3 Months Old & Palm Springs Vacay

Can't hardly believe it....Jackson is 3 months old!

If it weren't for my C-section I'd be going back to work next week, so now I'm actually thankful getting to spend two more weeks off- and we are taking full advantage!  We planned a Palm Springs mini-vacay for our 2-year wedding anniversary, and of course the whole family went....Travis, me, Jackson, AND Hunter!


We enjoyed the porch a lot, and the scenery at the Miramonte Resort was plenty exciting for the baby!  We stayed on the resort both nights and dined at the outdoor restaurant, where Jackson was a huge hit : )

Chocolate-covered strawberries, and Champs (& Enfamil) on ice!

Age: 12 Weeks, 3 Months Old
Weight: 13 lbs!
New "Thing": Standing & Giggling : )
Favorite Words: Ah- goo & Ah-gee are still in high rotation
Favorite Activities: Being held in the front & watching Captain Hook cartoons
Signature Moves:  Stiff-legging and trying to stand!
Likes: his duck rattle, travel Sleep Sheep, and watching people's faces
Dislikes: when it's naptime, and Hunter barking in his face
Mommy Likes & Dislikes: Spending my mornings with JW is the best, he is the most happy and mellow!  Dislikes: Power naps....especially when I step out of the shower and he's flailing around already when I just put him down before I got in!
Sleeps: 8:30pm-7am!  I'm getting more sleep now than I did when I was working in the past!
Changes in Mood: always in a better mood if he's had a long nap...and if the car is moving.  
Eating:  5 ounces during the day, 6-9 ounces at his last feeding at 7pm before bed
Clothes: 3 Month old & 3-6 Mos old footed pajamas
Looking forward to: So far every week he has progressed so much, and we are looking forward to our first "real" vacation....Oregon in one week!  First plane ride....wish us luck!

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