Sunday, April 28, 2013

End of April: 9 Weeks Old

I'm LOVING this age....and of course I'm sure every parent says that at all new ages but things seem to be evolving SO fast- on the exact DAY of his 9-week bday, he laughed at Travis!  I've only managed to get a partial laugh out of him since.... and began having "conversations" with Travis and I- mostly copying us but these little convos on the changing table can last 5 minutes (which is a lot when you're dealing with a newborn with the attention span of....a newborn?)!  My husband told me to start giving him a rattle more...which I videoed to prove to him that I did "work" with him with his grasp...and every day he's been getting better and better at it : )  The weather also continues to be impeccable, I'm talking 70-85 degrees ever since the little guy was born, which makes afternoon stroller rides in the neighborhood enjoyable for Mom & Dad too!

My happy boy : )

 Always kicking, kicking, kicking...and slowly finding his way to his mouth

The new "monitor" hooked up to the Ipad/Iphone.....

Our first date night out!  We missed the baby!

 What I woke up to Sunday morning at sweet baby and Starbucks from my husband!

On Sunday we traveled out to where it all began....Temecula, CA to Longshadow Ranch & Winery where we were married two years ago!  It was 83 degrees out and while Momma did a little wine tasting (did I mention I feel 21 again??), Dad walked JW around the vineyard: 

After the winery we stopped at a nearby duck park to walk, feed, change....

Age: 9 Weeks
Weight: 12 lbs!
New "Thing": Smiling on command and having baby conversations
Favorite Words: Ah- goo & Ah-gee (I swear he knows Hi and Bye too)
Favorite Activities: His new kick coaster slider (pic above) and swinging- YES he finally likes it!
Signature Moves:  Both feet up in the air when he wakes up in the morning
Likes: his new fish tank in his crib (although he wakes up halfway through naps now just to watch it), smiling with Mom & Dad, stroller walks
Dislikes: the car stopping at red lights.  Or in traffic.  Stupid construction.
Mommy Likes & Dislikes: When he wakes up in the morning and smiles at me- it melts my heart!  Dislikes the dog barking and scaring the S out of both of us during a nap....only JW will scream bloody murder when startled, FUN!
Sleeps: Milestone last night....9 1/2 weeks old: 9pm-5:30am!!!  He initially woke up at 4:45 and I binked him and he snoozed until Travis got up for work, but he hasn't slept past 3:30am yet so I was a proud Mommy....still in the co-sleeper and taking *most* naps in his crib
Changes in Mood: always in a better mood if he's had a long nap...and if the car is moving.  
Eating:  Anywhere from 4-7 ounces 5x a day
Clothes: 3 Mos, mostly L/S onesies with the high 60's
Looking forward to:  laughing a lot more, b/c he looks like he wants to now but nothing comes out!  Also holding his head up...I'll have a free hand when I'm carrying him!

Mrs. O

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