Monday, July 22, 2013

July: 4th of July 4 Day Weekend Recap!

So we ended up feeling crazy on July 4th and decided the baby needed to see 
at his ripe young age, so we napped him a little later than usual and headed down the street to a huge park for the scheduled fireworks show with blankets & folding chairs and all- he was totally mesmerized!!  He was startled when the first one went off, and by the end he was a liiiiiiittle cranky (who isn’t after being up for almost 4 hours, right?) and was asleep the minute he hit his car seat on the ride home!  Here are a few pics from his first 4th!!

The following day we took Jack out to Long Beach to the big aquarium- I’ve never seen so many strollers in my life, or maybe I’m just noticing them more…to which I had to argue to the “stroller parking” attendant that just anyone shouldn’t be allowed to walk up and “claim” a random stroller that might not be theirs (we all know my mega-mommy splurge was my stroller) that they’ll just sell on Craigslist alongside the baby monitor that was stolen off my front porch last year….anyways the aquarium was a hit and even allowed us time to eat at Rock Bottom during his long nap afterwards!

Saturday we had a pool party with the Jackson family and Jack loved watching Cole play in the pool while the Daddies enjoyed a much-needed beer in the sun.....


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