Thursday, July 25, 2013

July: 5 Months??!!

We keep saying we love every age more than the last month…..but this age he’s really starting to love knowing that he can affect things in life and be a contributing member of society…..while he doesn’t have a job yet though, this is our most favorite age yet!  He’s growing up too fast!! : (

Age: 5 Months
Weight/Size: Almost 16 lbs! 95% for height, 40% for weight
Favorite Words: Da-da-da-da, ba-ba-ba-ba (All yelling of course), and random babble
Favorite Activities: The owl play mat (never gets old), his “car” (a plastic driving wheel with a fake key and working blinkers), chewing anything and everything, and picking flowers in the backyard (or tearing flowers petals from their stems really)
Signature Moves:  Rolling across the living room from one side to the next, grabbing his feet - my fave!!
Likes: Splashing in the bath, anything water-related (SO fascinating apparently) & toys!
Dislikes: Getting taken out of the bath, sharp shiny objects purposely being moved out of his reach 
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  His baby giggles, there truly is no sound in the world better than that, and I’ve been told he has a really good baby laugh!!  Dislikes: Loose “stroller drop off” rules
Sleeps: 8pm-ish to 7am-ish; Naps 3x a day for an hour each in crib w/little to no assistance or rocking
Changes in Mood/Behavior: A lot less likely to be content with staying in one place for a long time…..our babysitter commented this week, “I can tell he is going to be an active boy!”  Pretty sure that’s what our breeder warned told me before I picked up Hunter for the first time
Eating:  Still 6-8 ounces 5x a day, around 8 oz before bed
Clothes: 6 Months, 9 Month pajamas (he's a tall one)
Proud Parent Moment: When I accidentally dunked him in our pool when I missed a step going in….good thing my reaction was of pleasure and happiness when he came up sputtering when I really felt like crying and having a panic attack!!
Looking forward to:  feeding the baby some solid foods!  I’ve been researching like crazy and just bought a Cuisinart Baby Steamer-and-Blender-in-One machine!  He has been showing a lot of interest in our food lately (loves strawberries, not so hot on apples), so I can’t wait to see what he’s going to like and what he’s going to throw on the floor…either way Hunter will get fed too which makes my life just a little easier! : )

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  1. Lol totally thought of you this weekend at Sea World when I walked by all the strollers just lined up in the stroller area...remember amusement parks have no attendants to watch your stroller! ;)



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