Tuesday, February 5, 2013

38 Weeks: January...2 weeks left!

So the biggest question so far this week- am I dilated?  My doctor wants me to start coming to see him weekly now in the beginning of the week in case I'll have to be induced, which at this rate could very well happen:  I've almost gained 28 lbs, measuring at 35 weeks, effaced 80%.....and zero centimeters dilated, lol!  Which was my guess before he checked, this baby is still riding so high!  Later in the week we visited a nearby friend whom just recently had a baby boy of her own- Hudson Otto- he was a dream baby!  This Sunday is the Superbowl (49ers vs. the Ravens) which means February is sooooo close.....

Month/Week: 8 Months, 2 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 27 lbs
Feeling: very immobile?  Getting in/out of bed and the car can be an ordeal, haha
Missing: being able to really cuddle with my husband, it's a little awkward with a big stomach!
Cravings: Special K Strawberries cereal & stupid fancy gummy bears...thanks Aunt Missy!! ; )
I'm Loving: the fancy gummy bears and having this time off from work before Mr. 
Baby O arrives, I feel like I'm getting a lot done
Happy or Moody:  Happy- I thankfully never really experienced the "moody" part so I'm told
Gender:  Boy
Symptoms: Slightly uncomfortable after a big meal, indigestion, little knees and feet in ribs
Sleep: consists of being surrounded by pillows and the Boppy wedge, with Hunter now in between Travis & I since I switched sides with TAO to be closer to the bathroom for my middle-of-the-night trips
Wedding Ring On Still?: now that I'm home for most of the day I'm jewelry free all together!
Looking forward to: getting all this baby laundry over with!  Who knew his stuff could fill up 4 baskets worth?  Once again, takes after his Dad....

This weeks pics:

Travis put together our new swing this week, and as you can see, Hunter was a huge help as usual...

Hunter continues to snooze throughout the day- very exhausting w/Mom home all the time now

Hunter cuddles in bed with the Boppy wedge I've raved about, guess it works for humans AND dogs?

Baby O's future playmate Hudson Johnson, 2 weeks 3 days old!


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