Tuesday, July 1, 2014

May: 15 Months and a New Home : )

The last month has flown by, soon this kid will be 2 years old at this rate! : (  I also swear that he has all his teeth in, which is so crazy for a kid his age, but a relief for me wishing & hoping that the whole teething thing is over, which for the record wasn't all that bad- Jack's teeth all come in at the same time, like 6 at once!  We've been doing lots of upgrades on the new house this month, so for now we are still living at the river in K2 while contractors are busy with painting and wainscoting!  Meanwhile we had our 2nd ultrasound of Baby O2 and everything is looking great, heartbeat at 160 bpm and I've gained 3 pounds so far!  Now at 16 weeks, I also felt the first little kicks and punches from our little angel, which is such a reminder of how blessed we are and how thankful I am to be pregnant again :)

Age: 15 Months
Weight/Size: Did the scale just seriously say 25 pounds??
Favorite Words: "Wow" "P-U!" "Uppa".. and any animal sound
Favorite Activities:  "Wrestling" with Daddy on the floor, playing at the park, boat rides in the Ice Princess, going up & down stairs, brushing his teeth, bath time, and feeding the ducks at the river
Signature Moves: Spinning in a circle until he's dizzy, squealing in delight at a poopy diaper and throwing it away, running in & out of his teepee to hide
Likes: Being chased around the house, any games that involves a ball (basketball, kicking a ball, etc.) running crazy around Target which includes playing with all the hanging clothing down low, throwing the ball for Hunter (aka Dee-Dee), and going to either Grandma's house
Dislikes: When Daddy leaves in the morning for work :(
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  Morning milk time when he's still sleepy, and when he holds my hands when we walk places and gives kisses- completely MELTS my heart : )  Dislikes: Three accidents in one week including choking, falling into the coffee table face first and down a concrete step....I know this is only the beginning having a boy too!
Sleeps: 8pm-7amish, one long nap 2 hour nap in the morning with short/no nap in the afternoon
Changes in Mood/Behavior: He is a LOT louder with his grunting and pointing when he wants something; pretty much the whole family is just ready for some words to start coming out! ;)
Eating: Sippy cup of milk 3x/day (7am, 12ish, 5pm), OBSESSED with watermelon & tangerines, and loves Changs!
Clothes: 18-24 Month pajamas and 12-18mo regular Gap play clothes
Looking forward to:  Our upcoming Babymoon/Anniversary in Green Valley, NV!  It'll be our longest trip ever away from our baby (2 nights) but I'm getting excited to reconnect again with my husband and just be lazy by the pool! ;)   

....this past month in pictures....

Springtime heatwave at the river!!

Like I said...obsessed.

His new Easter Bunny and lounging on the couch during a hot day

Auntie Lisa's baby shower!  Due in June!

Shopping the racks at Target and snuggles with Hunter

Lunch date with Phoebe Sage

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