Thursday, January 24, 2013

36 Weeks: January & 8 Months!

36 weeks means only 4 weeks left!  We went to a tea luncheon in Orange this past weekend for a good friend, and Baby O's favorite part was the French Vanilla Lemonade- it was amazing!  We also had our follow up appointment with the doctor to discuss last week's ultrasound- his exact words were "you carry small, however the baby is measuring in the 90th percentile in size".....LOL!  So as I suspected, he is huge in there!  No predictions on what that means for a due date however, so stay tuned.....Last week of work this week, and I can finally say that I'm glad I took advantage of the CA disability that grants me some time off before the baby comes!  Last day on Friday was bittersweet, everyone I work with makes it so hard to leave but easy to come back to in 3 months : )  Saturday we are doing a little celebrating of our own out on the coast with friends out for dinner too, can't wait!

Month/Week: 8 Months!
Total Weight Gain: Still 27 lbs., measuring at 35 weeks
Feeling: like I can't fathom that I won't be pregnant for much longer, I feel like this has gone so fast!  
Missing: my work friends while I'm on maternity leave at home
Cravings: Honey Ginseng tea & more french vanilla lemonade!
I'm Loving: the heat wave we are having this week, makes maternity leave a little sweeter!
Happy or Moody: Happy
Gender: Boy
Symptoms:  Feet. In. Ribs. And lots of indigestion! 
Sleep:  Thank you Boppy for manufacturing and selling the "sleep wedge"- this little cheese-wedge-shaped pillow (to go under your stomach while side-sleeping) is saving my life these days!
Wedding Ring On Still?: Ok so the wedding ring has always been a size big due to the fact it's an antique that can't be altered in size due to the infinity band, so it fits engagement ring is not so lucky these days!!
Looking forward to: our combined "soft" 30th birthday dinner this Saturday night out in Newport Beach!!

The "soft" 30th birthday dinner night out at 333:

Lynnae's Bday Tea Luncheon pics!


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