Monday, March 25, 2013

March: 1 Month Old & SPDay!

Jackson is officially one month old celebrating his first holiday this weekend!!  He has gained a little over a pound since we left the hospital, and loves being held (duh), swaying side to side, and being read to in the evening.  My Mom also left after a month, having her here was AMAZING and such an incredible help, I don't know how other girls do it alone!  I have also finally recovered from the c-section where I can comfortably get in & out of bed and sleep at night without any residual pain, yay!  Yet of course I say that I'd do a C-section all over with my next- thinking one more at this point and I'll be good!  JW also was able to celebrate his first official holiday- St. Patty's Day!  

Our little Irish baby! 

One month old!

With Mommy on the couch

My little Lucky Charm (with Daddy)

Month/Week: Jackson is 1 Month old!
JWO Total Weight Gain: 9 lbs 13 ounces
Feeling:  Pretty good, although I still can't fathom that this is OUR baby...!!
Missing: being able to climb into bed and completely relax while watching the Bachelor uninterrupted and drift off to I catch up on my smut TV while he naps during the day!
Cravings:  I am SO relieved not to crave sugar every waking I'm craving a Blue Moon, ha!
Anything making you quesy:  Baby blow outs and then him sticking his heels in it and kicking everywhere...yeah that's a massive clean up
I'm Loving: when I'm rocking him on his side at night to soothe him to sleep and one little hand always comes up and rests on my's like the one tiny little sign he can give me at this age that he actually appreciates something I'm doing!
Happy or Moody: SO happy!
Gender:  Baby Boy
Symptoms: Thankfully the majority of my postpartum issues have dissipated...but I'm still surprised when I realize I haven't peed in hours!
Sleep: Haha...well of course there are "those" nights, but in general he's been an amazing sleeper so far- at 2 weeks his longest stretch was 6 hours without waking up!  I'm also trying my best to sleep when he does...which is in our bed with some serious white noise!
Wedding Ring On Still?:  It feels like I'm engaged all over again, I missed wearing my rings really bad!!
Looking forward to: the day he starts smiling, I want this stage to come more than anything! : )

Mrs. O

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