Thursday, December 6, 2012

29 Weeks: Hello December!

It's officially my birthday month and I couldn't be happier to have Baby O in my life over the holidays!  We had our "sugar" test this week- and although it was raining and I felt completely sick for 2 hours after chugging the non-carbonated-Sprite-like-glucose-drink-that-had-the-consistency-of-cold-Jagermeister.....we found out on Friday that I passed with flying colors!  Saturday was my breast-feeding class at Hoag, where I was totally shocked to see that I was one of the only TWO women there w/o a husband present...her husband had "to work" also come to find out...but the class & teacher were great and flew by, with plenty of boobs to keep the other giggling husbands from falling asleep.  Travis and I also went to our first holiday party (where I was SO glad he talked me out of wearing high heels and into my Tory flats instead) and decorated the entire house for Christmas- only problem is that now I want to keep it up year-round like those crazy people that have "icicles" on the outside of their homes in June....I can identify.

Month/Week: 6 Months/29 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 17+ lbs
Feeling: like a prego girl?  The flights of stairs at work are agonizing....good news is I feel great in the mornings!
Missing: Enjoying a holiday cocktail
Cravings: Apples, sliced apples.  I eat 1-2 apples now per day!
Anything making you queasy: Haha, this question is just getting funny now
I'm Loving: that I passed my glucose test.  Best news ever.
Happy or Moody: Happy- it's my birthday month!!
Gender: Boy
Symptoms: a TON of movement, Baby O is building fat cells this week which gives him extra energy....he also enjoys kicking now when he's hungry??
Sleep: waking up about 3-4 times a night, just turning over is a huge production!
Wedding Ring On Still?:  Yes, haha ;)
Looking forward to: Travis's company Christmas party this weekend and getting to show off the baby bump to all our friends and his co-workers there we've gotten to know so well in the 6+ years we've lived here! :)


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