Tuesday, November 27, 2012

28 Weeks: End of November!

This week was super productive- my Mom came into town and we were able to get a ton of great furniture for the nursery, including the Catalina Crib from Pottery Barn kids, and a 6-drawer white dresser & a blue overstuffed chair w/white piping from my mother's favorite SoCal store (Just Like the Model).  With the custom closet we purchased a few weeks ago, the nursery is almost complete....now only if I could pick out the paint colors.....and find a rug.  Travis was home this entire 4-day weekend so he was able to get the crib completely assembled in the nursery- and it looks so good!  Thanksgiving was also a success; we couldn't help but mention to our guests how the following year will include a 9-month old in a highchair at the table!

Month/Week: 6 Months/28 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 17+ lbs
Feeling: so thankful for the amazing friends in CA that we are able to celebrate Thanksgiving with, and for our families who's continuous generosity is so greatly appreciated, and of course for each other & Hunter.....so I'm feeling sentimental I guess?  Lol!
Missing: glass(es) of Mulled Wine at Thanksgiving
Cravings: Benihana!!!  Drove by one today...my mouth is watering just typing this
Anything making you queasy: I swear I'll eat almost anything these days
I'm Loving: our new crib for the baby : )
Happy or Moody: Content, relaxed!
Gender: Boy
Symptoms: Starting to feel the pressure in my lower abdomen..welcome to the 3rd trimester huh?!
Sleep: Maybe waking up to turn over 3-4 times a night, it takes a lot of pillow re-situating!
Wedding Ring On Still?:  Yes, even if it's getting tight, I don't care

Looking forward to: the entire nursery finally coming together! Below are some pics of the crib and our trip to pick out our Christmas tree!!

Your baby's the size of an eggplant!



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