Friday, November 23, 2012

27 Weeks: November and my 3rd Trimester!!

We had our 6-month checkup -3rd trimester- checkup this week and everything was great- Baby O is a little over 1.5 pounds now, the eyes are forming and little eyelashes too!  Doctor said that my weight gain thus far has been "ideal" which was good to hear- did I mention all my cookie cravings?  Baby O even kicked him while the doctor was searching for the heartbeat- three times ; )  Thanksgiving is coming up, and I can't stop thinking of all the yummy things we'll make and eat that day, hopefully he is as tired as I am after we have turkey!  My husband Travis and I also took a mini BabyMoon to Hollywood this weekend to the Walk of Fame- lived here for over 6 years and still hadn't been!  Pics below, it definitely felt like Fall downtown!

Baby is the size of a rutabaga??? I'll have to try one....

Month/Week: 6 Months/27 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 17 lbs
Feeling: sometimes I can compare it a bag of sand, I get full so fast!
Missing: Ahi Tuna!
Anything making you queasy: Nope!
I'm Loving: looking more pregnant from the front & maternity leggings- a god send
Happy or Moody: Happy : )
Gender: Boy
Movement: I feel totally in-sync with little Baby's O sleep patterns, maybe b/c he's only waking up when I do, and he takes naps for most of the day and wakes up during/after I eat a meal... hopefully this be SOME indication of his sleeping habits when he's here...
Symptoms: Are my feet and legs swelling...?
Sleep: I'm waking up well before my alarm these days!
Wedding Ring On Still?: Yes, although I'm surprised my fingers haven't swelled at all because I swear my toes look fatter lately.
Looking forward to: the last trimester w/my little guy inside my belly : )  I think I'll miss him in there!


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