Tuesday, December 25, 2012

32 Weeks: Merry Christmas!

This week has been so busy with holiday festivities with my 30th birthday, celebrating the holidays with amazing work friends, running around with my husband and of course my parents coming into town this weekend!  My husband and I are finally on our "stay-cation" this week at home and it's been amazing being able to spend so much time together and we are getting even more excited for the little active guy in my stomach : )  Baby O has been particularly interested in homemade Chex Mix, the Mexican pastry bread from Las Brisas at my birthday brunch, and the last course at Melting Pot on Christmas Eve- the dessert!  

Month/Week: 7 Months, 32 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 20+ lbs
Feeling: overall great!
Missing: being able to put on (and remove) my boots by myself, I'm starting to think it'd be easier to prego in the summer instead of dealing with all these leggings, socks and boots!  At least the end look is cute : )
Cravings: attention from my husband while I have him home this whole week!
Anything making you queasy: poor Chick-Fil-A....maybe some day
I'm Loving: that we are able to host Christmas this year
Happy or Moody: So happy
Gender: Boy
Symptoms:  Aggressive kicking & baby hiccups!!
Sleep: I've managed to sleep a few nights w/o getting up, so better! 
Wedding Ring On Still?:  Yes, although I had to wash my hands in cold water last night after the Melting Pot to get them off and reduce some swelling!
Looking forward to: Opening Christmas presents this morning of course : )

Some holiday pictures so far!

Las Brisas Birthday Brunch in Laguna Beach, CA

Our house, tree and mantel!

Christmas cards clothes pinned to garland on the railing

Big balls in Brea, CA at the Melting Pot

Travis & I after the Melting Pot- I still beat him in stomach size haha!


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