Wednesday, December 19, 2012

31 Weeks: 7 Months & December!

Well...believe it or not we've managed to hit the 20 pounds mark together per my 7-month checkup visit this week!  Our doctor confirmed that Baby O is upside down with his feet (and knees...omg so weird to feel) on the upper right side of my stomach near my ribs- I’m actually shocked that I’m round and not a lopsided pregnant girl with how this baby favors one side over the other!  Heartbeat was 150 and the doctor was pleased with my sugar test results; from here out we’ll see him twice a month now.  Baby O is nearly 3.5 pounds and 16 inches long! This weekend marks both mine and my husband’s Xmas vacation, and my parents come into town on Saturday to celebrate my birthday and Christmas with us, so we have a busy couple of days coming up to prep for the big celebration week

Month/Week: 7 Months, 31 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 20 lbs
Feeling: like I'm a lot bigger than I appear!
Missing: all the pre-holiday energy; even wrapping presents at this point sounds like a lot of work!
Cravings: Still cinnamon, and I won't pass up a Christmas cookie these days if offered.....
Anything making you queasy: Microwaved meat.  Yeah that scent came from the work break room this week.....
I'm Loving: the little "going home" outfit I just HAD to get this week (damn you Baby Gap!!)                *see below*
Happy or Moody: Very happy!
Gender: Boy
Symptoms: a foot constantly kicking near my right rib, and general mobility issues like putting on my boots in the morning, who knew this would be such a difficult pregnant task!  
Sleep:  Slept on the couch last night from 1-3am, so let's just say I'm looking forward to taking the time off work to catch up with naps!
Wedding Ring On Still?:  Yes
Looking forward to: obviously my parents whom are coming this weekend, but also SO excited for my birthday, just one week away!

Baby O's potential "coming home" outfit- I thought it was a sign being that he is due on Valentine's Day!


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