Thursday, December 13, 2012

30 Weeks: December

Baby O was a hit at the Shimmick holiday party - he even got a special call out from the president of the company during the dinner speech...something about how his Dad could possibly find the time to create him…..anyways he partied all night
 and thoroughly enjoyed the Rock Bottom lunch across the street and the plush bed in the hotel room J.  This week he is supposed to be up to 16 inches long- which explains me  being able to feel every single movement he makes from the top of my stomach to the bottom, but again I have always said throughout this pregnancy I’d rather feel a lot of movement than be worried.  We finished decorating the house on Sunday for Christmas and can’t wait for families to arrive soon!  Only 10 more weeks little Baby O......

Your baby's the size of a cucumber!

Your 15.2- to 16.7-inch, 2.5- to 3.8-pound baby continues to grow.

Month/Week: 6 Months/30 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 18-19 lbs?
Feeling: baby hiccups!  He had his first ones last night, so I woke up Travis to tell him
Missing: my shopping energy, I can only hit a couple stores before crashing on the couch!
Cravings: Rock Bottom Ball Park pretzels....AMAZING
I'm Loving: that almost everyone can tell I'm prego now lol :)
Happy or Moody: Still happy, how can you be moody when it's Christmas time??
Gender: Boy
Symptoms: just a little bit of cramping, feet starting to hurt when I shop too much now
Sleep: some people may laugh when I say this but I could potentially get more when the baby is here; my nights consist of 1-2 pee breaks, constant turning from side to side, TAO waking up at 3am and having conversations with me and Hunter puking on the duvet......sigh.
Wedding Ring On Still?: Yes!  Swelling seems to have subsided for now.....
Looking forward to: sleeping on my back again once Mr. O is finally here!

Shimmick Holiday Party

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