Wednesday, October 3, 2012

20 Weeks: September- Half Way!!

Halfway....officially! This is all happening SO fast, it's like I have a huge wedding to plan and I've barely started to choose colors and make a seating chart!  Of course my husband thinks it's all taking TOO long and that I've been cooking Baby O forever, but I feel like this is going to happen least we've almost cleared out the nursery, donated clothes (and bought more at my work's sample sale oops), signed up for baby classes, figured out where to register, read a couple baby books.....and talk nightly about what the baby would be doing this very moment if he were already with us : )  We are still overjoyed and can't wait; clearly Hunter is thrilled as well....

Month/Week: 4.5 Months/20 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 9 lbs
Feeling: A little like I'm losing my mind or experiencing "pregnancy brain" at it's best....forgetting  my purse on the way to work; getting tea with no cup; forgetting what year it is; wearing a maxi skirt sideways b/c I swore the tag must have been placed incorrectly inside the band.....
Cravings: MEXICAN FOOD....and salsa...and cheese...anything I can get...homemade tamales...
I'm Loving: the raves Baby O seems to be throwing in my stomach- makes me so happy that he's clearly an active baby!
Maternity Clothes: I keep hearing about the Gap maternity leggings...everyone swears by I might have to make an investment.  For now it's still 140 degrees out so I'm all about dresses and maxi skirts!  This El Nino heat wave is killing me.....
Wedding Ring On Still?: Yes
Looking forward to: Registering with my husband this weekend for Baby O!!  

My chicken tamales from Javier's....OMG.  I could have 50.


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