Saturday, April 19, 2014

March: 13 Months Old!

March Madness is great way to define how this month has been going!  After deciding to downgrade to a smaller house on the river that is much closer to the parking lot & the grandparents, we did a little house hunting on the eastside and made an offer on a house in Happy Valley!  Jack has surprisingly done great with all the transitions, he continues to surprise me with how well he adapts to new things when I've been worried sick with anticipation weeks prior on how he'd react.  Finally Oregon decided to give us a little break from all the rain/ice/snow and we have some really great sunny days coming up!  Only in the 60's but then again I swear it'll feel like California 70's...

Age: 13 Months
Weight/Size: 23 pounds
Favorite Words: FIRST WORD!! Banana!!  
Favorite Activities: Riding up and down the docks at the river in his push car & running in and out of his teepee to hide, carrying around his favorite "bear blanket" which is a little lovey he got as a baby and sleeps with every nap & night
Signature Moves: Waving his hands and saying "Ooh" when he sees a heater, fireplace or oven, waving Hi & Bye, putting his hands behind his head when someone yells "Touchdown!!"
Likes: Reading books in the morning after his first milk on Mom's lap, any living animal he can see in person, reading books in the car, and his new toddler car seat!  He can finally watch all the cars outside his window which makes the need for multiple toys in the backseat drop dramatically
Dislikes: The sippy cup transition from the bottle, although it didn't take long!
Mommy Likes & Dislikes: I love that Jack is really starting to understand me, it makes communicating with him so much easier, I knew I loved this age! Dislikes: Windstorms that shake everything in the boathouse when the baby is sleeping
Sleeps: 8pm-7amish, one long nap 2 hour nap in the morning with short/no nap in the afternoon
Changes in Mood/Behavior: We are getting a ton of more teeth this month (I swear he gets like, 6 all at once) so we've been a little fussy to start the month but now we are back on track!
Eating: Sippy cup of milk 3x/day (7am, 12ish, 5pm)
Clothes: 12-18mo regular Gap play clothes, and any pants are all too short or too long

Looking forward to: Putting an offer in on the house we found!  We are way too excited to get back into our own home again : )  And of course I can't WAIT to start decorating...this is the stuff that keeps me up at night.

....this past month in pictures.....

playing in the daisy fields in Wilsonville

Cousin Reese's 4th birthday party at the Children's Museum

Reading during a diaper change & car ride with his beloved bear blanket

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