Monday, April 14, 2014

February: One Year Old!!

I can't believe he's already One Year Old….....but then again it's been a long year!  Jackson is already so much bigger as a one-year-old than I thought; for some reason I thought I'd have a little baby for so much longer??  In the last month he has developed SO much faster than any other month with words, walking & communication.  In our 11 month post I mentioned he was scaling the furniture only weeks after beginning to crawl on all fours- literally just TWO weeks later this guy was officially on the move at 11.5 months!!  : ) Although I loved the little infant I could easily carry around with me anywhere, I'm so happy to embark on my favorite age!  This weekend is his big 1st birthday at the river in his favorite fruit theme: Oranges of course.  We've been running around like crazy finalizing the menu and all the details, I really hope he likes his huge confetti balloons and teepee we got for him : ) 

Age: 12 Months
Weight/Size: 22.5 pounds
Favorite Words: Momma & Dadda obviously, but now he's added "Dee-dee" (Hunter)
Favorite Activities: Pushing his walker around the house, crawling up stairs and sliding back down on his stomach
Signature Moves: Giving kisses, omg my all-time favorite. Pointing to anything and everything wanting to know what it is!
Likes: Riding his rocking horse, riding around his push car, puzzles, any toy that makes music, dancing to music videos, & his birthday party!!
Dislikes: Cold snow & rain that blows in his face....welcome to Oregon...oh and birthday cake- he just threw it all on the floor.
Mommy Likes & Dislikes: How well he's walking!!  I know everyone said to cherish the time when he's still immobile but this kid is HEAVY... Dislikes: Rain that blows in my face
Sleeps: 8pm-7amish, one long nap 10-12pm, with short/no nap in the afternoon
Changes in Mood/Behavior: I've noticed now that I'm staying home with him how sweet of a child he is when he interacts with other children
Eating: Sippy cup of milk (transition from bottle complete!) 3x/day (7am, 12ish, 5pm), and currently favors Mexican food like guac, rice, black beans
Clothes: 18-24 Month pajamas and 12-18mo regular Gap play clothes
Looking forward to: having a toddler around the house!  I've always said a one-year-old is my all-time favorite age so I'm really excited for this upcoming year in Oregon!

....this past month in pictures.....

Family winter weekend getaway to Skamania Lodge!

Riding in his car around the marina- he loves it!

Attending Aunt Heidi's baby shower for baby Harper coming this April!
 Library date with Phoebe Sage!

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