Saturday, April 19, 2014

April: 14 Months Old and Spring is here!

I don't know how we are getting so lucky after such a dramatic winter on the river, but lately it's been sunshine and 70 degrees here!  Jack and I have been taking full advantage of getting outside any day we can to play at nearby parks, go on walks, and visit the Tulip Garden!  He also had his first Easter Egg hunt at Grandma & Grandpa Thatcher's house and I'm pretty sure we had to hide them at least six more times back to back.  He is loving all the Easter activities that we've been doing that include cookie baking on the counter and reading multiple Easter books. As for our house in Happy Valley, we are signing closing papers on April 21st which means we are just a couple of short weeks away from owning our own place again! 

Age: 14 Months
Weight/Size: 23.5 pounds
Favorite Words: "Oooh!", "Baby", "Hot!", "Ewwww" or "P-U!" (referring to a poopy diaper) and signing for "More"
Favorite Activities: Hunting for Easter eggs!  We've been practicing a little here and there and reading lots of books with bunnies and eggs to get him familiar before the big Easter holiday
Signature Moves: Nodding yes or no, running the opposite way when he knows it's time for a diaper change, spinning his finger in the air for "Let's Go", and throwing his hands up when he doesn't know where something is or it's very windy, waving to strangers in the store
Likes: working the Keurig coffee machine/microwave/fake fireplace, painting anything with a paintbrush, listening to his kid CD on repeat in Mom's car, riding in his car anywhere outside, being outside in general, going on walks with Dad, and boat rides around the marina!
Dislikes: Leaving the park or any fun kid area & diaper changes when he'd rather be playing
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  That he seems to almost completely understand English, makes my life a little easier!  We also love his dance moves to any song that comes on the TV.  Dislikes: Listening to Jack's kid CD on repeat in my car
Sleeps: 8pm-7amish, one long nap 2 hour nap in the morning with short/no nap in the afternoon
Changes in Mood/Behavior: He is now so much more independent; he'll play in the mornings by himself with his toys and I'll find him reading his books alone in his teepee
Eating: Sippy cup of milk 3x/day (7am, 12ish, 5pm), still loves MX food, and now we are loving all the fresh fruit starting to come into season which he loves to tease Hunter with
Clothes: 18-24 Month pajamas and 12-18mo regular Gap play clothes
Looking forward to:  Easter Sunday of course & moving into our new house on April 23rd!  We can't wait to be in our own place again and have a lot more room to play and spread out just in time for summer : ) 

....this past month in pictures.....

Gearing up for Easter weeks early!

Car ride around the marina with Momma

Running wild at Blue Lake park on a 75 degree day

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