Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September: Heat Wave.....

O…..M……G it’s hotter than hell, seriously.  Like 100 degrees every....single....day......bleh.   And what better way to beat the heat then to dress the baby up in his birthday suit, which clearly he has no problem with:

So last week was a little crazy……with Jackson now officially in daycare full time, I’ve been stressing majorly and losing sleep over everything that could possibly go wrong there…..but on our daily evening walk around the neighborhood he finally babbled the sweetest sounding words…..”Ma-ma”.  Possibly the best day I’ve had all week for that small reason, I completely melted and almost cried in front of all the joggers and other dog walkers!!

Teething- first tooth came in last Tuesday!  Rough day.....followed by his second bottom tooth a few days later! :)

Almost 7 months old in the backyard swimming in the hot tub with Dad!!

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