Thursday, August 22, 2013

August: 1/2 Birthday!!

We've made it little guy.....
Happy 1/2 Birthday!!
It's hard to believe that in another six months Baby Jack will be a year old....really??  The nighttime bottles-turning purple when crying-glaring at Mommy days seem so far away, he's really evolved SO much since he came into our lives.......
Age: 6 Months
Weight/Size: 18 lbs, 50% weight & 85% height percentile
Favorite Words: Still “Da-da”, we’ve been working on Ma-Ma a LOT though (well I have been at least- I’m determined)
Favorite Activities: OMG- he just figured out that he could “bounce” in his play yard chair….and he’s a complete crazy baby in it, I keep thinking he’ll launch himself out of it so now it’s a joke between us that he’s actually going to use it to escape one day….also attempting to dance and loves hanging upside down!
Signature Moves:  Chomping on his feet, and sideways “creeping” on the downstairs rug (gateway to crawling…..right??)
Likes: Drinking (or pretending) out of Mommy’s cup, Swimming in the hot tub or pool, playing in his water tub, bath time at night before bed…there is an obvious pattern here
Dislikes: Green “puffs” aka healthy cheerios
Mommy Likes & Dislikes: Last Sunday after pooltime we were sitting in the  backyard when he turned towards me and fell asleep on my chest…I completely melted and decided this child can have whatever he wants for the rest of his life.  Dislikes: Dried guacamole smashed all over the new highchair
Sleeps: 8pm-ish to 7am-ish; Naps 3x a day (last nap powernap)
Changes in Mood/Behavior: Way more alert, smiles when he sees either Travis or myself and very aware of where we are at all times, and a lot more vocal these days- doesn’t want to sit still.
Eating: Avocados and Quesadillas.  LOL!  And a bottle 5x a day still
Clothes: 6 Months, 6-9 Month pajamas
Looking forward to:  More homemade baby puree madness (can’t wait to start mixing the fruits & veggies to really step it up) and more advances towards crawling : )

....this past month in pictures.....

Neon Sunday Funday swimming and playing all day at home

 Starbux date with Mom

 Santiago Irvine Park hike with the whole fam
 Water Play at home

Showing off his skills

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