Thursday, August 15, 2013

August: Food Prep & Guacamole

So if you're one of my good friends, you're well aware that not only do I have a position that requires me to shop online (forecasting, trends, etc), but I'm a HUGE advocate for it....and to my surprise what do I find this morning???  H&M is finally offering online shopping, probably a dream come true for this Mommy with champagne taste on a beer budget!!!  Ever since I stumbled across the additional 50% off sale section a couple of months ago and picked up 5 tops, one pair of jeggings and one dress for $30 I've been hooked.....but enough about me.

Here's what the baby picked up this week, it's time for "solid foods"!!
Baby Cuisinart: 2-in-1 Baby Food Prep w/steam & blend options, amazing.
Table Highchair: We have a thick granite countertop at home, so this little (and travel-ready) folding highchair  made in Italy comes with it's own bag and is available in 6 colors- of course we went with the lime green for Jack : )
Beaba Multiportions: Easy freezing, Easy to pop out and serve!
Beaba Feeding Utensils pack: Not only do they match the highchair (I know I know, I'm a little ridiculous when it comes to coordinating) but these utensils have a rubber handle so it's easy for baby to grip!  Easy to pack in a ziplock and take along too
Silicone Baby Bib: I'm all about convenience with my little guy, and this bib not only looks adorbs but is machine washable and folds up and snaps for super easy storage at home or in a baby bag!

So Jackson isn't quite 6 months old YET (tear....) but last weekend he literally shoved his hand into my guacamole while out at lunch and gnawed on his Dad's leftover quesadilla (he IS our baby, we knew it.) we bagged the "steamed apples" idea and went straight for the avocado for his "first food":

This month has gone SO much faster than the's almost time for his 1/2 birthday!!!

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