Thursday, September 26, 2013

September: 7 Months Old and First Day of Fall!

So now the months seem to be flying and Jack is 7 months old, which means lots of babbling, playing, resisting……and Halloween clothes.  I told Travis once we had kids that I was allowed to back date all my oppressed holiday decorating and obsessing and go full blown, and I can’t wait!  Even though it’s still September, I couldn't resist sticking him in little pumpkin socks for this week’s photo:

Age: 7 Months
Weight/Size: 18+ lbs….aka HEAVY
Favorite Words: Does screaming count…?
Favorite Activities: Playing in the sink, swimming in the hot tub, going in the front pack around town
Signature Moves: Constantly blowing raspberries, rolling on his stomach in his stroller on our evening walks and slapping anything with his palm
Likes: Frozen chew toys, necklaces that I wear, balls, listening & watching other little kids, anything that flashes or makes noise
Dislikes: Coughing, getting his nose wiped, Monday mornings at the daycare
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  The train at the park- kept him entertained and gave me a 15-minute mental break  Dislikes: The train ending so quickly and sick babies :  (
Sleeps: 8pm-6:30am, sometimes waking up and playing around 5am for a half hour or so.  Two big naps a day and a powernap in the afternoon
Changes in Mood/Behavior: Since he’s been teething, he loooooVVVVVvvvves to be carried non-stop, however when he’s ready for a nap he goes into his crib with no objections!  He’s also been eating his mushy foods at dinner like a champ, butternut squash is the current fave.
Eating 8 ounces 5x a day, one solids (or mushy) meal at dinner
Clothes: 9 Months!!

Looking forward to: Halloween with the baby!!  I’ve been looking forward to reliving my childhood vicariously through a kid since I was no longer allowed to trick or treat….

....this past month in pictures.....
We’ve had a super busy month, which included lots of activities naturally to entertain the babe- it’s also the beginning of football season!!!  I’m beginning to think now that I have a kid and I can’t lay out in the sun and relax for 4 hours while sipping on a pina colada that Fall might be my favorite season??  Finally the temperature has cooled down (like, high 80’s but still) and nothing gets me in the mood to bake more than some serious cool nights and Sunday football:

 The first day of Fall also means that our next batch of Longshadow wine is ready, so another trip out to Temecula to the vineyard to visit the place where it all began...

Jackson’s been sick with a head cold recently so lucky for him we’ve had a few “Mommy and Me” days that he’s been too sick for the daycare, but clearly a ball pit can fix anything:

Rolling onto his stomach on our walks in the Orbit:

A few more pics of just hanging out at home in our Fall apparel (even though it's been 90 degrees, I can pretend at least!)

Next up, Halloween!  It’s taking a LOT of willpower not to hang my DIY Halloween banner early.

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